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On This Date (March 23) 2007-Senior Corporal Mark Timothy Nix

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (March 23) 2007-Senior Corporal Mark Timothy Nix
March 23, 2022 04:37PM
On This Date (March 23) 2007-Senior Corporal Mark Timothy Nix

On this date (March 23) 2007 a fiancee lost a future husband, his father and mother lost a son, his sister lost a brother, our nation lost a United States Navy Veteran with service in Iraq during Operation Iraq Freedom and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Senior Corporal Mark Timothy Nix, Badge Number 7906, age 33, was shot and killed as he approached a vehicle operated by Wesley Lynn Ruiz, age 27, who was fleeing pursuing officers at speeds estimated to be in excess of eighty miles per hour on Bernal Drive in West Dallas.

Plain clothes officers Senior Corporals Jason Jarc and Patrick Starr observed a red and gray Chevrolet Caprice with very dark tinted windows on Stemmons Freeway near Mockingbird Lane. Realizing a vehicle of this description was involved in a murder that occurred on March 21, 2007 in the 1500 block Southerland Avenue, they informed the dispatcher they were following a vehicle that may possibly have been involved in a murder and requested marked police vehicles to stop the vehicle.

Senior Corporal Nix, working alone, responded to this request and attempted to stop the vehicle as it was westbound (southbound) on West Mockingbird Lane and continued across the Trinity River bridge into West Dallas where the roadway becomes North Westmoreland Road. With two additional marked vehicles behind him, Senior Corporal Nix initiated a traffic stop at which time the operator of the vehicles rapidly accelerated and a high speed pursuit began.

The suspect continued south on North Westmoreland Road turning right to west on Bernal Drive and accelerating to speeds estimated to be in excess of eighty miles per hour.

As the suspect entered the 4000 block Bernal Drive he lost control of the vehicle, skidded off the north side of the roadway, continued into an one hundred and eighty degree skidding rotation coming to rest in the yard of the home at 4023 Bernal Drive facing the oncoming police vehicles.

Senior Corporal Nix stopped his vehicle which was facing the front of the suspects vehicle and exited his vehicle. It was approximately 6:00 p.m. and the setting sun was in Senior Corporal Nix’s eyes and with the extremely dark tinted windows of the suspect’s vehicle he was unable to see the suspect. Senior Corporal Nix using a folding baton attempted to break the side window of the vehicle as the suspect refused to exit. As he did the suspect fired an assault rifle, the round striking Senior Corporal Nix in the neck.

As Senior Corporal Nix fell, the other officers fired striking the suspect. Senior Corporal Jeremy Borchardt was able to drag Senior Corporal Nix away from the vehicle and observing the seriousness of his wound, placed Senior Corporal Nix in his police vehicle and transported him to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Senior Corporal Nix was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

A hour long standoff with the suspect began and he was finally taken into custody. He was found to be seriously wounded and was transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital and admitted, under arrest for treatment of his injuries.

An assault rifle, a thirty round magazine and 200 grams of Methamphetamine were located in suspect Ruiz’s vehicle.

Suspect Ruiz, who had a lengthily criminal history was charged with Capital Murder, four counts of Aggravated Assault, Deadly Weapon of a Police Officer and Possession of Drugs-Methamphetamine.

On July 11, 2008 he was convicted of all charges and sentenced to death. He awaits execution at the Texas Department of Corrections Death Row.

Senior Corporal Mark Timothy Nix, a seven year veteran of the Dallas Police Department is interred at the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, Dallas, Texas in Section 76, site 1619.
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