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On This Date (March 20) 1986-Corporal Gary Reeves Blair

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (March 20) 1986-Corporal Gary Reeves Blair
March 19, 2022 05:23PM
On this date (March 20) 1986, a fiancee lost a future husband, his daughter lost a father, his step father and mother lost a son, his sister lost a brother and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Corporal Gary Reeves Blair, Badge Number 4500, age 30, died as a result of gunshot wounds shortly after arrival at Methodist Central Hospital.

Corporal Blair while on routine patrol observed the operator of a vehicle commit a traffic violation. Corporal Blair, working alone, followed the vehicle onto the parking area of the Parc Regency Apartments, 1411 North Zang Boulevard with red lights activated.

The operator of the vehicle stopped and exited his vehicle as Corporal Blair approached. Witnesses observed shortly after making contact with the vehicle operator a scuffle began. Both Corporal Blair and the operator of the vehicle, later identified as Andrew Pigg, age 25, fell to the ground. The scuffle continued and Andrew Pigg was able to take control of Corporal Blair’s service weapon, a .45 caliber revolver.

At this time, Charles Tillis, age 28, who was standing in the breezeway of the apartments approximately 25 feet away ran to the scuffle and began kicking Corporal Blair. At this time Andrew Pigg fired one round striking Corporal Blair in the neck. Corporal Blair was able to retrieve a backup weapon from his boot, described as a small .38 caliber revolver and fire striking Andrew Pigg.

At this time, Charles Tillis ran from the location upon hearing the gunshots. He was identified by several witnesses as living in the complex and pointed out his apartment.

Corporal Blair was able to return to his police vehicle and placed a radio transmission, which was mostly not understood, but by the sound of his voice area elements responded. Upon arrival they found Andrew Pigg laying on the ground near his vehicle deceased. Corporal Blair was found laying across the seat of his police vehicle and was transported to Methodist Central Hospital only blocks away where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Charles Tillis surrendered later this day, was charged with Murder due to his involvement and according to witnesses him directing Andrew Pigg to shoot the cop.

Charles Tillis was found Not Guilty by a jury upon the completion of his trial on December 17, 1986.

Corporal Gary Reeves Blair, a five year veteran of the Dallas Police Department is interred at Southland Memorial Park Cemetery, Grand Prairie, Texas.
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