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On This Date (March 02) 1983-Corporal Carl Joel Norris

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (March 02) 1983-Corporal Carl Joel Norris
March 01, 2022 08:06PM
On this date (March 02) 1983 a wife lost a husband his two daughters lost a father, his father and mother lost a son and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Corporal Carl J. Norris, Badge Number 1773, age 43, died as a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident in the 1400 block North Stemmons Freeway near Hi Line Drive.

Corporal Norris was dispatched to investigate a four vehicle accident that occurred on northbound North Stemmons Freeway which resulted when a trailer became unattached from the towing vehicle.

Upon arrival at the location, which was just over the crest of a hill, Corporal Norris began backing his police vehicle south on the east shoulder of the roadway to set flares and block off the involved lanes.

A tractor/trailer operated by Billy Howard McCoy, age 51, northbound on Stemmons approached the accident scene, crested the hill, observed the stopped traffic, applied the brakes (which were found to be defective upon later inspection), lost control of the vehicle which began skidding in an easterly direction and collided right front to the left rear of Corporal Norris’ police vehicle.

Upon impact, Corporal Norris’ vehicle began a counter-clockwise rotation with the tractor/trailer continuing in a northerly direction. The trailer then overturned onto Corporal Norris’ vehicle which was completely crushed, pinning Corporal Norris in the vehicle.

With the effort, led by Corporal Bobby Dillard, the trailer was unloaded which contained in excess of 40,000 pounds of produce by Dallas Fire Rescue personnel and volunteers at the scene. Corporal Norris was freed about 35 minutes after the collision and pronounced dead at the scene.

I investigated this accident. Forty five minutes prior to the accident, Corporal Norris and I drank coffee together and he spoke of retiring and beginning a new career as a bailiff for the Dallas County Courts.

I filed Involuntary Manslaughter Charges against the driver of the tractor/trailer involved due to the defective brakes and other vehicle defects. He was No Billed by the Dallas County Grand Jury. I then referred a case of Negligent Homicide, he was again No Billed. I then filed Involuntary Manslaughter charges against the owner of the tractor/trailer involved, W.W. Rodgers and Son Produce, the Grand Jury refused to indict again.

Corporal Carl J. Norris, a twenty one year veteran of the Dallas Police Department is interred at Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.

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