On This Date (February 26) 1988-Police Officer Gary Don McCarthy
February 25, 2022 04:39PM
On this date (February 26) 1988, a wife lost a husband, his son and daughter lost a father, his father and mother lost a son, his brother and two sisters lost a brother, our nation lost a Veteran with service in Vietnam, the Baptist Church lost a former Missionary and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Gary Don McCarthy, Badge Number 5508, age 33, died as a result of three gun shot wounds sustained at approximately 5:00 p.m. as he worked an off duty assignment at Brancato’s Warehouse Market in the shopping center located on the northwest corner of North Hampton Road and Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas.

The store manager, Mark De Cardenas and Officer McCarthy had gone to a bank located at 400 South Zang Boulevard and withdrawn $10,000 for the coming weekend sales.

They returned to the store and exited their vehicle and began walking towards the building, Mr. De Cardenas carrying the money and Officer McCarthy dressed in civilian clothing escorting him.

As they walked a male exited a parked vehicle, displayed a handgun and attempted to grab the money from Mr. De Cardenas. At this time Officer McCarthy loudly identified himself as a police officer and began pulling his weapon. As he did, the suspect fired once striking Officer McCarthy in the chest.

The suspect was able to take control of the money and as he did he fired two additional times striking Officer McCarthy. He then ran, re-entered the vehicle occupied by two additional suspects and fled. As they fled, Officer McCarthy was able to fire at the vehicle striking the rear window.

Officer McCarthy was transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he died at 9:10 p.m. as a result of his injuries.

An investigation identified the suspects as Vincent Edward Cooks, age 29, the actual shooter. It was found he was on parole for Aggravated Assault of a Police Officer which occurred in Houston, Texas in which he shot at a Houston Officer. Tracy Stallworth, age 27, also on parole for a robbery conviction, believed to be the driver of the vehicle involved and Tony Ray Harvey, age 25, also a convicted felon.

All three were indicted for Capital Murder, At trial Vincent Edward Cooks was convicted and received the death penalty. He was executed on December 21, 2001. Tracy Stallworth and Tony Ray Harvey were convicted of the lesser charge of Aggravated Robbery and received twenty year sentences.

Police Officer Gary Don McCarthy a 14 month veteran of the Dallas Police Department is interred at Memorial Park Cemetery, Amarillo, Texas in the Court of Flowers Section.
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