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Golden Pheasant Restaurant Fire-February 16, 1964

Posted by DallasCop2566 
Golden Pheasant Restaurant Fire-February 16, 1964
February 16, 2022 07:00PM
On this date (February 16) 1964, four Dallas Firefighters, James K. Bigham, age 36, Jerry T. Henderson, age 29, James R. Gresham, age 25 and Ronald E. Manley, age 27 were killed while fighting a General Alarm Fire at the Golden Pheasant Restaurant, 1417 Commerce Street.

Also damaged were the businesses, National Shoe Store, 1415 Commerce Street, Picadilly Cafeteria, 1503 Commerce Street, Doubleday Book Store, 1411 Commerce Street and the University Club, 1415 1/2 Commerce Street.

The owner of the Golden Pheasant Restaurant was charged with Arson and Muder. Charles D. Bryant, age 32 was indicted and was acquitted by a jury on June 6, 1964. No other arrests were made and no other charges filed against any other suspect.

Charles D. Bryant was found shot to death in a vehicle on Parkdale Drive near Military Parkway on June 11, 1974 after departing his night club with an unknown man and woman. This murder offense remains unsolved.
Re: Golden Pheasant Restaurant Fire-February 16, 1964
February 21, 2022 01:24AM
Roy -

I recall the discussion re the murder of Bryant many years ago. Was that near or right on the old wood bridge (now demolished) that crossed over the T & P tracks?

Re: Golden Pheasant Restaurant Fire-February 16, 1964
February 22, 2022 05:18PM

Apparently you know the area well and yes, it was just west (or north) of the old wooden bridge.

I would drive down Parkdale Drive from Military Parkway into the housing area north of Scyene Road and west of Lawnview Avenue from work, usually very early in the morning and would stop and visit the security guard at the Parkdale Generating Plant.

They blocked off the bridge determing it unsafe and I had not been in the area for years. My neighbor caught a opposum in a trap recently and I took it to the old bridge to release it and to my amazement, the entire generating plant is gone.

I see recently that the land and small lake are being donated to the City as a park and walking trail.

I had some dealings with Mr. Bryant in 1969. He was partner in a bar on Greenville Avenue and he and his partner had a dispute which turned somewhat violent. I had another dealings just before his death as he and a neighbor in the then new apartments near the old White Rock Airport, seems I remember on Senate Avenue were involved in a disturbance over a parked car being struck in the parking lot.
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