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It's Winter

It's Winter
February 03, 2022 09:49AM
I saw that Dallas is experiencing its occasional spell of winter, and that there is a lot of excitement. Some of that seems to be generated because of the extraordinary cold snap last year, and worry that this rather ordinary incident might bring on a repeat.

I hope everyone is ok, and takes an opportunity to enjoy the snow. Get out an have a snowball fight, build a fort, or whatever you and yours like to do in the snow.

Back in the day, an inch or two snowfall and temperatures holding in 20s and 30s for a couple of days was something that happened pretty much every winter there, but looking at weather records on the NWS site shows that not to be the case in most recent years.

Here in NE Washington we've had snow cover since mid-December. Folks are ice fishing, XC skiing, snowshoeing. Snowball fights, snowmen and so on have become blase, that usually happens only early in the season.

Dave McNeely

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Re: It's Winter
February 04, 2022 05:51PM
Makes me question Global Warming somewhat.

I guess I will never forget the ice storm that began December 31, 1979, extending into New Year Day 1980.

Was without electric power for five days as there were power lines down all over North Texas.

Was working 12 hour shifts from New Year Day until January 04 and worried about my wife and son that lived in the kitchen using the cook stove for heat. I was amazed we had no frozen or burst pipes, but we did leave faucets on with the thinking a high water bill would be better then plumbing repair costs.

Then, the summer of 1980 was one of the hottest in recorded history with two days reaching 113 degrees.

The low bid gasoline the City purchased had so much water in it, fuel lines of many police vehicles froze and I ended up in a Jeep that was normally used for parking violations in the downtown area. It had the very worse heater of any vehicle I ever drove and the doors leaked air badly. Finally the City located and purchased a product named "Heat" that was placed in fuel tanks. They brought as many vehicles into the heated garage area, inserted "Heat", allowed the fuel lines to defrost and put them back in service. I remember saying, "Thank You Lord" as I parked the Jeep and drove away in my regular vehicle.

Just pray the Jet Stream stays north and keeps the cold fronts into Canada the remainder of this winter.
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