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On This Date (August 21) 1975-Police Officer Alvin Duane Hallum

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (August 21) 1975-Police Officer Alvin Duane Hallum
August 20, 2021 11:38PM
On This Date (August 21) 1975-Police Officer Alvin Duane Hallum

On this date (August 21) 1975 a wife lost a husband, a son lost a father, his father and mother lost a son, his sister and brother lost a brother, the Frontenac, Kansas Police Department lost a former Police Officer, the Crawford County, Kansas Sheriffs Office lost a former Deputy Sheriff and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Police Officer Duane Hallum, age 29 and his partner, Police Officer Barry L. Whisenhunt observed a 1975 white Cadillac that was involved in an extortion offense earlier this date. The Cadillac was also found to be stolen.

In the extortion offense, the victim was forced to withdraw six thousand dollars from the Texas Bank and Trust, 1825 North Industrial Boulevard (now Market Center Boulevard) as the armed suspect, Clois Ray Carter, age 30 stood behind him.

As they exited the bank shortly after opening at 9:00 a.m., the suspect took the money at which time the victim broke free, ran into a secured office and notified the police. The suspect entered the suspect vehicle and fled.

The vehicle was observed by Officers Hallum and Whisenhunt and stopped at a service station located at 7051 South Central Expressway, south of Overton Road.

As the Officers approached the vehicle ordering the suspect to exit, he did so firing at both officers. Both Officers returned fire, Officer Whisenhunt's weapon jammed and Officer Hallum emptied his weapon. Officer Whisenhunt was struck in the abdomen and groin area.

Officer Hallum retreated to cover behind the police vehicle to reload his weapon at which time the suspect ran to his location and fired point blank into Officer Hallum's head.

The suspect ran to the stolen vehicle and fled as Officers ran from the Oaks Manor Inn Coffee Shop after hearing the gunshots. At least one of these Officers fired two rounds at the fleeing suspect, entered Officer Hallum and Whisenhunt's Police Vehicle and pursued the suspect.

A 14 mile pursuit began, other Officers and a Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent joined.

In the area of Mars Road, just prior to the Ellis County Line, the suspect stopped, exited his vehicle. Officers began exiting their vehicles at which time the suspect reached into the stolen Cadilac and retrieved a .22 caliber rifle, stolen from the extortion victim.

At this time Officers fired, striking the suspect, resulting in his death.

Officer Whisenhunt was admitted to Baylor Hospital for treatment of his injuries. With many prayers and excellent medical care he was able to return to duty.

Police Officer Duane Hallum is interred at the Restlawn Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas.

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