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On this date (July 24) 1984-Lieuteant Robert Lawrence Cormier and Reserve Officer James Charles (Chuck) Taylor

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On this date (July 24) 1984-Lieuteant Robert Lawrence Cormier and Reserve Officer James Charles (Chuck) Taylor.

First may I add, I witnessed this terrible accident, was standing at the open door of my police vehicle ending my Second Watch Assignment and saw the Dallas Police Helicopter approaching over the Central Police Station from the Southwest with a Northeast heading. It passed over the parking area behind the station continued passing on the east side of the communications tower at which time the craft banked 45 degrees to the left, turned sharply and I knew it was much too close to the tower. Saw the rotor strike the tower and the helicopter continuing in a northeasterly direction, spiraling as it fell and losing sight as it passed behind the building located east of the driveway entrance to the complex on Canton Street.

I immediately radioed the dispatcher and informed him of the incident and requested the fire department and additional elements to secure the area. The dispatcher seemed not to believe me, but then told me an element on Channel one was also reporting the crash.

Lieutenant Robert Lawrence Cormier, age 46 and Reserve Officer James Charles (Chuck) Taylor, age 45, occupants of the craft were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Lieutenant Robert Lawrence Cormier was a Veteran of the United States Air Force and was assigned to the Special Operations Division. He was survived by his wife and five children.

Reserve Officer and Chief Dallas Police Helicopter Pilot (Civilian Position) was assigned to the Helicopter Section. He was an Active Member of the Texas National Guard, where formerly a Lieutenant Colonel, but voluntarily reduced his rank to Warrant Officer so he could continue to fly helicopters. He was survived by his wife and two sons.

Lieutenant Cormier and Reserve Officer Taylor were researching downtown area landing spots if the need became necessary in the upcoming Republican Nation Convention.

Lieutenant Robert Lawrence Cormier is interred at Calvary Hill Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.

Reserve Officer and Chief Helicopter Pilot James Charles (Chuck) Taylor is interred at Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas.
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