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On This Date (June 23) 1972-Officer Howard Kenton Hicks

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (June 23) 1972-Officer Howard Kenton Hicks
June 22, 2021 07:02PM
On This Date (June 23) 1972 a wife lost a husband, a brother and sister lost a brother, our nation lost a United States Marine Corp Reservist and Dallas Lost a Police Officer.

Officer Howard Kenton (Kenny) Hicks, age 25, died as a result of injuries from a gunshot wound when he was shot by a suspect on October 18, 1968.

May I add a note here: Officer Hicks' father, mother and a sister were killed as a result of a motor vehicle accident which occurred on August 14, 1965. As noted a brother and another sister survive him.

On his way home after completing his Third Watch Assignment at the Southeast Division, Officer Hicks’ vehicle was almost struck by another vehicle, the operator of which was driving in an extremely erratic manner.
This is believed to have occurred in the area of South Central Expressway and Overton Road.

Officer Hicks followed the vehicle which entered the large apartment complex at 3230 Southern Oaks Boulevard.

The suspect stopped his vehicle, exited and approached Officer Hicks. Officer Hicks stated he identified himself as a police officer, the suspect questioned his authority then raised a pistol, firing and striking Officer Hicks in the chin.

A witness observed the suspect vehicle then depart the location with no headlights.

Shortly afterwards another witness walking near Officer Hick’s vehicle heard moaning and notified the police. Upon arrival responding officers found Officer Hicks slumped behind the steering wheel of his pickup.

It was found Officer Hicks was totally paralyzed. He was transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he remained for five weeks. It was found the bullet striking his chin area continued and was lodged in his spine just below the brain resulting in total paralysis from the neck down.

Officer Hicks was transported after discharge from Parkland Memorial Hospital to a Rehabilitation Center where care and treatment continued.

Officer Hick’s health continued to deteriorate as a result of his injuries and he died as a result of these injuries on June 23, 1972.

During the investigation of the offense a suspect, Lloyd Michael Hogue was identified as the shooter and identified from a photo lineup by Officer Hicks.

He was indicted for Attempt Murder. A trial was held during the week of February 25, 1970. He was found Guilty and assessed a twenty five year prison term. The investigation also disclosed Suspect Hogue was involved in several burglary offenses prior to the shooting of Officer Hicks.

Officer Howard Kenton Hicks is interred at Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas.
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