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On This Date (June 17) 1892-Officer William Henry Riddell

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (June 17) 1892-Officer William Henry Riddell
June 16, 2021 08:10PM
On this date (June 17) 1892 a wife lost a husband, his two daughters and six sons lost a father, his parents lost a son, a veteran of the Civil War, his two sisters lost a brother and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Officer William Henry Riddell, age 55, was shot and killed as he entered a shoe repair business located at what is now Elm Street at Good Latimer Expressway across from the rail station to arrest Franklin P. Miller on a misdemeanor charge.

Suspect Miller shot Officer Riddell as he stepped into the doorway, then fled to a nearby house.

A large crowd gathered and a disturbance described as a riot ensued as the crowd attempted to secure Miller in an attempt to hang him.

The suspect was taken from the crowd by a large group of police officers and sheriff deputies that responded to the riot after the house Miller was barricaded in was set afire by the crowd.

Suspect Miller was tried and convicted of the Murder of Officer Riddell and assessed the death penalty. An appeal was granted and a second trial apparently ended in a hung jury as there was a third trial in which he was again found guilty and assessed a life sentence.

After serving 14 years of this life sentence, Miller was pardoned by the Governor of Texas as it was determined Officer Riddell was attempting the arrest without a warrant and the proper charge should have been Manslaughter. (Technicalities way back then).

Officer William Henry Riddell is interred at Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.
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