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On This Date (May 24) 1892-Officer Cassee Odorous Brewer

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (May 24) 1892-Officer Cassee Odorous Brewer
May 24, 2021 07:14PM
On this date (May 24) 1892 a wife lost a husband, a son and daughter lost a father, his parents lost a son and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Dallas Police Officer Cassee Odorous Brewer, age 42, was shot and killed as he and his partner Officer Brandenburg arrested a suspect on a Court Order for Slander.

The suspect, Henry Miller, a porter at the Union Station, pulled a 44 caliber pistol, firing at Officer Brandenburg first, missing and striking a horse hitched nearby. He then fled onto Elm Street with Officer Brewer in pursuit.

The suspect turned, fired again striking Officer Brewer and continued his escape attempt.

Officer Brandenburg observed the Dallas Fire Chief and a Fire Captain approaching and jumped onto their small horse drawn wagon and pursued the suspect who was overtaken and taken into custody.

The suspect was transported to the County Prison. A large crowd gathered demanding the suspect be released to them. This resulted in the Sheriff and Deputies firing through a steel door, striking three of the now over 1500 crowd that gathered.

The suspect was indicted, convicted of the Murder of Officer Brewer and accessed the death penalty.

A subsequent appeal was rejected by both the County Criminal Court and the Texas Appeals Court.

Henry Miller was hanged at the County Prison on July 28, 1893.

Officer Cassee Odorous Brewer is interred at Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.
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