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On This Date (May 18) 1934-Officer Luke J. Bell

Posted by DallasCop2566 
On This Date (May 18) 1934-Officer Luke J. Bell
May 17, 2021 06:52PM
On this date (May 18) 1934 a wife lost a husband, his two brothers and three sisters lost a brother, our nation lost a veteran of the United States Army during World War I and Dallas lost a Police Officer.

Police Officer Luke J. Bell, age 35, was shot and killed as he transported three prisoners from the Dallas City Jail to the Dallas County Jail.

During the transfer from the transport vehicle to the jail entrance on North Houston Street between Main Street and Elm Street one of the prisoners, Richard Charles Rehm, age 28, ran entering a parking garage located at the intersection of Elm Street and North Houston Street.

Officer Bell pursued the escaped prisoner, entering the parking garage with pistol drawn. The prisoner acted as if he was surrendering and as Officer Bell approached, he grabbed Officer Bell’s weapon, a struggled began and both Officer Bell and the prisoner fell to the ground at which time Officer Bell was shot in the chest.

The prisoner then ran into the street entering a vehicle and ordering the driver to drive him to the North Dallas area.

During his bid to escape, the prisoner stole four vehicles, kidnapping the occupants.

From information gained from these victims the prisoner was tracked to the far north Tarrant, Wise and Denton County area.
He was finally located and taken into custody near Roanoke, Texas.

It was found he was a parole violator from the State of New York where he had a lengthily arrest record.

During a trial 28 days later he was found guilty of the Murder of Officer Bell and given the death penalty. A subsequent appeal granting him a new trial and transferring the trial to Grayson County, he was again found guilty and then accessed thirty years in prison.

During August 1938 he was stabbed and killed by another convict. The convict was found Not Guilty on the grounds of self defense.

Officer Luke J. Bell is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.
Re: On This Date (May 18) 1934-Officer Luke J. Bell
May 17, 2021 08:56PM
Thanks for these posts.

Re: On This Date (May 18) 1934-Officer Luke J. Bell
May 18, 2021 10:49AM
Yes, thank you Dallas Cop, for the thoughts for these people who died in service. Also for keeping the Phorum alive.

Dave McNeely
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