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COVID-19 and Phorum members

COVID-19 and Phorum members
January 31, 2021 10:09AM
So, for any who are willing to share, how have you been impacted? Anyone get the illness, or have family or friends who have? Have folks been able to get vaccinated? Travel missed, activities missed?

My wife and I have been very, very careful, staying home for the most part, shopping online and picking up curbside for what we need. We have stayed healthy, and were lucky enough to get our first vaccination on Wednesday, scheduled for the second for 27 February. We got the Moderna vaccine from our regular health clinic, after signing up a few days earlier. We are in eastern Washington. Our arms were sore, and I but not my wife had a day with fatigue and body ache like with a flu shot. Family in Texas have reported a mixed bag so far as vaccination is concerned. Those in Collin County have gotten their first dose. Ones in Dallas and Bexar Counties have not been able to get it yet, though they are in eligible groups. Friends in Tulsa and Dallas have been vaccinated (one shot), but Tulsa friend had to travel 100 miles to Seminole to get the shot.

My sister-in-law in East Texas died last week of COVID-19. Brother and niece there still sick but recovering. Niece and her husband in Stanton, TX quite ill but recovering. A friend in Dallas got it, but is ok now. Because of the pandemic, we were unable to attend services for the sister-in-law, or for my brother who died six months ago of a non-COVID-19 illness.

Bonnie and I had to cancel a planned trip to Tanzania. We were able to get a travel insurance claim approved that paid all our deposits and air fare losses, so ok there financially, but of course this was a long planned excursion that we may not be able to make in the future.

We hear from news reports that Dallas has been affected to a greater extent than most of the country.

Dave McNeely
Re: COVID-19 and Phorum members
January 31, 2021 07:47PM

As of this writing I have lost nine (9) close friends and former co-workers to Covid 19 and have a cousin my age (76) that is losing the battle with the onset of pneumonia in addition to the Covid 19 Virus.

The sad part is none have been able to have a funeral service, although two were able to have a service via live streaming, something I now see more and more available through funeral providers.

Have a very close friend whose wife is in a nursing home near their home in Hugo, Oklahoma and he has not been able to visit her since mid August, I can only imagine the sadness and stress this situation has created.

I endured the LONG LONG line of vehicles waiting entry into Dallas Fair Park for my first Covid 19 vaccination and have to return and I am afraid endure the long wait again. The first, I had a 8:00 a.m. appointment, had been warned of the long line of vehicles I would experience, so I arrived at 4:00 a.m. and I would estimate there were over two hundred (200) vehicles in line already, but did get in and was on my way home by 9:30 a.m.

Reminded me a lot of some of my experiences in the Army, a line to eat, a line to use the latrine, a line to have an eye examination, a line to have a dental examination and most tragic a line to get paid, always a line and the so true statement, "hurry and wait".

My last task of every day is a prayer that this is brought under control, we can return to a normal life and this experience although tragi is a learning experience and if this type situation should re-occur in the future, the response is much better planned and initiated.
Re: COVID-19 and Phorum members
February 01, 2021 06:48AM
We have been very lucky here.
I've had a couple of nephews with relatively mild cases of COVID.
My wife recently got round #1 of the vaccine through UT Southwest.
I'm scheduled to take my 93-year old mother for round #2 of the shot at Fair Park in 2 weeks.

I am still waiting here in Collin County for my first vaccine. I've elected to stop substitute teaching
at a local high school until I get the first one. I last "subbed" just before Christmas. I just consider
it too risky after the Holidays.
Re: COVID-19 and Phorum members
February 01, 2021 11:34AM
I have been self-isolated since early Mar. My only human contact is to pass
a tip thru a cracked open door to Amazon grocery delivery people. After they
are gone, I bring the groceries in. ANYTHING that comes thru my door is
sanitized or not touched again for several days. I have a 15inch plugin UV-C
lamp and 2 much smaller battery operated UV-C hand wands. Also three
motion activated hand sanitizer and 1 soap dispensers.
Let my Dr know that I would not see her again until C19 is under control.
Pretty sure I'll wait 'til the new Johnson and Johnson is approved since
it is claimed to be 100% effective in preventing hospitalization/death and
is a single shot that only requires normal refrigeration.

A 55inch Smart TV with high speed 100 Mbps internet and 1000s of
Kindle ebooks, my hermitization is almost complete.
Re: COVID-19 and Phorum members
February 02, 2021 08:11AM
Roy -

I heard about the "Walk In" vaccinations at Fair Park and was prompted to register with the Denton County Health Department 2 weeks ago, Was given # 91,350 and a week later was in the mid 70,000s. Not sure how the registrations were prioritized and if they only administered 20,000 shots or if had more available but new registrants were moved up the ranks. Looked like it would be a long wait.

In any case last Wednesday the VA called me and set an appointment for Saturday at the Dallas Center. Arrived an hour early not knowing how long the drive from Pilot Point would take. Texted my arrival, was told to wait in the car, and 30 minutes later was texted to enter. There were never more than than 20 cars in the parking area. No long lines inside, single file with spacing, They had 50 or more individual cubicle stations set up in the gym. A few questions, a poke in the left shoulder and done. The longest period was the 15 minute post inoculation wait to make sure all was okay. I drove away before my original appointment time. # 2 set for 21 February.

I'm doing fine but have not taken any particular precautions other than mask (N-95), distancing, and normal sanitation. Am in public several times a week with appointments, shopping and other errands. Have attended 3 funerals out of state, flying to one in Chattanooga. Several younger extended family members have tested positive, had minor symptoms, and fully recovered, A couple of nieces in the medical field had severe symptoms early on, were hospitalized, but recovered and have returned to work.

Grandson (31) in Ft Worth returned to work at the car dealership before Thanksgiving after a 6 month furlough and tested positive 2 weeks later, had a rough week, but negative and fine now. I had been helping him remodel his home so I tested and was negative.

Visited friends my age (76) in Edmond OK before X-mas and planned to return afterwards. Called ahead after spending X-mas with Linda's family in Tulsa and both were having minor symptoms so I cancelled. They were super cautious seldom leaving their house. They both tested positive a few days before New Years. The husband passed away on January 3 but the wife was not affected. He did not have any serious underlying conditions. She is diabetic. You just never know. It is random and unpredictable.

Moving on with my life. Bought a van to convert and am planning extended travels in a few weeks. In the meantime am sorting out my LP collection and digitizing a few before I dispose of the rest. Cataloging my research library and setting up donations for later. The rest of my days will be visiting old friends and Army buddies, probably camping in a few driveways. Setting up the van to record or film oral histories along the way.

To paraphrase Sarge on Hill Street Blues, "You all be careful out there." But you have to go.


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