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port of tulsa

port of tulsa
January 30, 2021 07:22AM
Responding to MC regarding waterways in Oklahoma:

The main products shipped on the McClellan-Kerr are sand and gravel. Grain is also shipped, mainly wheat. I have seen barge traffic at times, and observed the locks operating in Arkansas on two occasions to allow a pleasure boat to pass. The bridge that collapsed at Gore was due to a barge train hitting it due to errors made by the tug captain.

The "Oklahoma" River is actually the North Canadian River. For anyone who doesn't know, geographic entities in the U.S. are named by the U.S. Geological Survey. But early in this century, the Oklahoma legislature declared that the North Canadian River in Oklahoma County was renamed the "Oklahoma River." Since the Oklahoma legislature is not the USGS, the name is, as MC said, fictitious.

Another river in Oklahoma also has the dubious honor of being misnamed by Oklahoma. The Neosho River arises in SW Missouri, flows through SE Kansas, and NE Oklahoma to the Arkansas. Oklahomans traditionally call it the Grande River, and Oklahoma highway bridges that cross it have it so designated, as do official Oklahoma state maps, but the USGS name is the one that is used in Missouri and Kansas, the Neosho. The public utility that has dammed the river and maintains power generating stations on it in Oklahoma is called the "Grande River Dam Authority."

The photos of the water park at Oklahoma City are nice; thanks for posting them. That development has been since I left the area in winter 2014, except for the marked lanes for crew teams. College crew teams have used the North Canadian since the 1990s, and The University of Central Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City University all maintain crew facilities and boats at that location.

Dave McNeely
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