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Bob-O-Links Golf Course and Mustang Field Airport

Posted by DallasCop2566 
Bob-O-Links Golf Course and Mustang Field Airport
December 01, 2020 10:49PM
I had a Great Uncle along with his 8 siblings were raised near Streetman, Texas (near Fairview, Texas) children of Cotton Farmers.

Apparently there was a drought or other circumstance which forced them to depart the farm in or around 1926. The majority relocated in Oklahoma City, where the father obtained employment with the Rock Island Railroad. All the female children worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone, two of the males opened a shoe repair business, but one relocated to Dallas with the hope of obtaining a college degree.

While attending college in Dallas, he obtained a job hauling water to the Bob-O-Links Golf Course located in what is now the Lakewood area of Dallas. The course owner, Harry McCommas, apparently took a liking to him and helped him with his college expenses beyond his salary.

He was even allowed to drive the 1925 Ford Model T Truck used to transport water and other supplies to the golf course back and forth to college and he dated using the vehicle. He and his wife would tell stories of dating in the truck, how cold it was in the winter as it had no doors and the tilting windshield would not close tightly.

Of the nine children, he was the only one that actually graduated from high school which was in Cade, Texas (I assume near Streetman) and to obtain a college degree. He went on to teach high school history after he and his new wife also relocated to Oklahoma City, continued his education obtaining a Masters Degree and being the Principal at several elementary schools and was a principal at an Oklahoma City High School when he retired.

He and Harry McCommas remained friends until Mr. McCommas passed away. He always talked of how he would have not been able to complete college without his assistance and what a wonderful person he was. I am sure McCommas Boulevard in Dallas is named after Mr. McCommas.

I remember while on Field Training in the Northeast area of Dallas in 1968 the golf course was still in operation. A nine hole course with creeks and small hills, looked like it could be a challenging course. Drive by the area now and it is hard to believe it ever existed.

Also hard to believe that there was an airport located nearby at the intersection of Abrams Road and East Northwest Highway, Mustang Field. The location now utilized by Medallion Shopping Center. Had an uncle, this time on my father's side of the family, that took flight training there during World War II, the basic training there, completing his advanced training at Hartlee Field in Denton, Texas. His assignment afterwards was an Artillery Director for the 36th Infantry Division flying small single engine, two passenger aircraft.
Re: Bob-O-Links Golf Course and Mustang Field Airport
December 02, 2020 09:19AM
Interesting Cop. I recall the golf course being operational in the 1960s. I do not recall Mustang Field. However, there have been earlier discussions on the board of the field, along with other small air fields of the DFW area.

According to this: [www.airfields-freeman.com]

Mustang Field had a relatively brief operating period, from about 1941 until perhaps 1954 or 1955. The above cited link states that the field was in Highland Park, Texas, but Northwest Highway and Abrams would not have been in Highland Park, but NE of that municipality, more the Lake Highlands neighborhood. The location evidently is taken up by a large apartment complex today. The maps and charts provided in the linked article seem to indicate that the location was unincorporated during the time the airfield operated.

Dave McNeely
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