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Texas County Maps-Texas Department of Transportation

Posted by DallasCop2566 
Texas County Maps-Texas Department of Transportation
November 06, 2020 10:59PM
I do a lot of research and photographing grave sites requested through FIND-A-GRAVE.

Some rural cemeteries are difficult to locate and Google Maps and Bing Maps seldom display their locations.

I found some detailed Texas County Maps provided by the Texas Department of Transportation and held by the University of Texas Library System that are available on-line. They in most cases show the location of cemeteries and I find them to be accurate.

Most County Maps will have a base sheet displaying the entire County and supplemental sheets showing portions of the County and in much more detail.

The Internet Site is: [legacy.lib.utexas.edu]

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Re: Texas County Maps-Texas Department of Transportation
November 06, 2020 11:09PM
If any users of this forum know of any additional detailed county maps, please post providing the information.

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Re: Texas County Maps-Texas Department of Transportation
November 07, 2020 10:55AM
Cop, not county maps as you requested, but the US Geological Survey maps show every cultural detail, even individual houses. Get the 7.5' versions where they are available. Not all of Texas is mapped at this scale, but the areas that are not are remote wilderness locations like Guadalupe National Park and Big Bend National Park, and for all I know they are now, since it's been a while since I looked. Even for those, there are detailed USGS maps, just not at the 7.5' scale. Cemeteries are shown, including even single burials on private property. Rural church cemeteries are among the places you might be looking for, and they are shown for sure.

These maps are available online, but the detail is so dense that they are very large files. Paper versions can be purchased at the Federal Building in downtown Dallas, and usually at such places as Mapsco stores.

Mapsco and lots of bookstores and outdoor recreational vendors also sell two atlases that might be of help. One is called _All the Roads of Texas_. It actually shows a lot of roads not included on the state county maps, because those only show roads that are owned by the public -- state and county primarily. The atlas shows private roads, and though you would need to seek permission, having the map gives a start in knowing where you want to go. The other atlas is _DeLorme's Atlas_. The maps therein are topographic, and also show lots of roads not on the county maps. Both these atlases show US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management roads (the last of little utility in Texas, as BLM has very little land in Texas), generally not on the county maps as well. DeLorme's is actually based on the USGS maps, and shows most of the cultural detail included on them.

Dave McNeely

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Re: Texas County Maps-Texas Department of Transportation
November 07, 2020 10:48PM
Thanks Dave, will certainly look into your suggestions.

I am sure they will be much more helpful than local residents of a lot of rural counties that give directions like, "you go down this road to where the old Morris house was, it burned down in 1946, turn left there and go down to where the school bus stops and turn left there and keep on a going until you see a dried up creek then look to your right and the grave yard is in those high weeds, hard to see, but it is there for sure".

These are actual directions from a venture several weeks ago in Palo Pinto County. Believe it or not, I found the cemetery.
Re: Texas County Maps-Texas Department of Transportation
November 10, 2020 10:25AM
A few more map links that may be helpful:

Texas Topographic Maps - UT Libraries
this is the same host site as the current Texas Highway Maps

USGS Historical Topographical Map Collection - topview
this is easier to search by just entering a location and it will return every available map for that location in several downloadable formats

Historical Texas Highway Department County Maps - Texas State Library
prior editions of Texas County Highway maps in original post help track changes and sites that may have been omitted on current maps

About 10 years I purchased a set of DVDs from Delorme (unfortunately no longer available or updated) to which I was able to add Google Aerial Views and the most recent USGS Topographical 7.5 Minute Maps (up to about 1995) and installed on the GPS enabled laptop in my Jeep. I am able to view those as I drive with current street maps and the aerial or TOPO view shown side by side on the same screen. The coordinated moving pin on each map will show when roads have been changed or realigned.
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