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Dallas Children's Aquarium, sad loss

Dallas Children's Aquarium, sad loss
October 05, 2020 06:17PM
This facility seems to be closing:


Back in the day, it was The Dallas Aquarium, and when I was 10-12 years old, I considered it the finest thing at Fair Park. It was open year round, and at that time, like the Natural History Museum, it had no admission charge. I spent as much time as possible there, and when in high school, volunteered there to help maintain the specimens. It was my start at ichthyology, which I later studied for my Ph.D., did research in, and taught at university level.

There is evidently an effort for donations to help keep it open, but the losses seem to be rather large. I guess the downtown facility is more attractive to most folks, and the location may be a deterrent to visitation, too. However, it likely still is much easier to get to than the downtown aquarium, and is probably much more kid friendly. I hate to see it go.

Dave McNeely
Re: Dallas Children's Aquarium, sad loss
October 08, 2020 05:30PM
Always a must-see when we visited the year-round State Fair attractions.
Loved the 100+ year old snapping turtle from the Trinity!
Re: Dallas Children's Aquarium, sad loss
October 08, 2020 06:55PM
I too loved that big turtle, and was fascinated by the "lure" in its mouth, a pink, worm-like appendage that attracts fish that then become dinner. Is the turtle still there? If so, it would be about 170 yo now, and that is not out of the realm of possibility for these turtles. It was (is?) an Alligator Snapping Turtle. They grow much larger than the Common Snapping Turtle. Alligator Snapping Turtle is a threatened species that has all but disappeared from some former haunts. I don't know if the species still occurs in the Trinity River watershed or not.

Dave McNeely
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