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Charles Chips

Charles Chips
September 25, 2020 06:21PM
Charles Chips has been mentioned in several different threads on here over the years. That being so, and not having heard of Charles Chips elsewhere or in any other context, I thought they must have been special to Dallas. However, reviewing a past thread, I saw mention of Charles Chips being available from Amazon. I googled Charles Chips, and discovered that the company is still operating, and sells its chips online, probably in a greater variety than folks on here remember from the fifties.

Interesting to me in looking at the Charles Chips online store, was a nostalgic post by a person who remembered her grandmother having a Charles Chips can in her pantry. How many companies would post something like that one? The person related that she had considered the chips to be the best ever, and was surprised when she learned that her grandmother hadn't served her Charles Chips, and had not had any in many long years, but just bought whatever chips were cheapest at Kroger in any given week and dumped them into the can. Quite an odd thing for a company promoting its products to post, but the point was the nostalgia associated with the name.

Since some of you mentioned Charles Chips being delivered to your homes years ago, I guess I had a deprived childhood, never having had a potato chip delivery!


Dave McNeely
Re: Charles Chips
September 28, 2020 08:41PM
Hey Dave

My first experience with CC was when we lived in Sunnyvale, TX for a short time.
My wife's mother had them delivered to their home in rhe Casa View area.
So we had them delivered there for a time. But we soon found a great
tri-level townhouse in a large townhouse/condominium/apt developrment
on the Garland side of Lake Ray Hubbard, right where Chaha Rd turns
into Lake Hubbard Pkwy and I30 crosses the lake. The CCs were OK,
and we had them delivered there also, but I could remember going into
the Morton Plant in Oak Cliff and getting a greasy brown paper bag full
of chips still warm from the fryer.

BTW, our next TH over neighbor was a man name Paul Collins and his son
named Colin Collins. His ex and 3 daughters lived in California, but the
15-16yr old was off in Europe, I think on a modeling assignment. But his
youngest 2 came to visit a couple Summers and my daughters developed
a slight friendship. Anyway, we later learned that his eldest daughter had
run away to Europe with John Derek and later become famous as Bo Derek.


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Re: Charles Chips
September 28, 2020 09:18PM
Interesting, Frank, about Derek. I guess the movie "Ten," or "10," is her best known.

Regarding the Morton's plant, there have been a number of discussions of same on here in the past. The most striking to me was the one commenting on the size of the rats that lived in and around the plant, and how the workers there would chop them in two with a shovel when they were loading potatoes from a truck. I can't say that ever happened, but I read it here.

Dave McNeely
Re: Charles Chips
September 28, 2020 10:53PM

Never saw any rats, but as I recall, that plant was on that sharp intersection
of Zang at Marsalis right before the Houston St viaduct. So, might've been river
rats. But that's been about 65yrs ago, so it could be just a dream.
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