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Army surplus stores

Posted by Dennis H 
Army surplus stores
August 15, 2020 04:01PM
Those are another kind of business you don't see much any more.
Maybe they have morphed into sporting goods stores or gun shops.

They were great places for kids to get WW2 uniforms and equipment.

I recall three in particular:
One on Davis St. near Canon's (sp?) 5 & 10 and Schindler's Bakery.
One on Maple near Inwood. (Got my first pair of hiking boots there though not Army surplus.)
One on E. Grand Ave.
Re: Army surplus stores
August 15, 2020 06:10PM
There were lots of Army and Navy surplus stores in Dallas back in the day, and some survived until very recently, though I don't know myself if any do today. There are A/N surplus stores where I live in Spokane, Washington.

The ones I remember most about in Dallas were branded as "Texas Army and Navy Surplus." One was on Jefferson, just east of Zangs, next door to a Zale's Jewelry. Another was on either Denton or Storey Road in NW Dallas, and one was on East Grande. I worked briefly at the one on Jefferson, selling stuff. I did not like misrepresenting the stuff or my knowledge of it, and quit. A lot of stuff that had never been military issue was labeled as being made by military contractors, implying that it was military issue. I was told by a supervisor that if someone asked specifically if it was military issue, to say that only military contracted items were allowed to be labeled as these were. But, that is not the case, and the items were not labeled as being military contracted, only that a military contractor made them. The labels were made to appear like typical military labels, however. I was in high school at the time, early 1960s.

Dave McNeely
Re: Army surplus stores
August 17, 2020 09:28AM

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