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Proctor and Gamble

Proctor and Gamble
June 08, 2020 09:48AM
Wow, I well remember the old Proctor and Gamble plant in S Dallas. On days when the wind blew from the direction of the plant toward one, the stench was horrible. What is the status of that property now, and does P&G have a Dallas plant today? If not, when did they pull out? I remember that P&G was a major employer in Dallas when that old, stinky plant operated, and that when I was graduating college, their policy regarding management was that every management employee had a science or engineering degree.

That odor that wafted from the plant of course was from the processing of animal fats that were used in soap manufacturing. Rather ironic that the base ingredient for a product that is promoted for hygiene and is generally perfumed for esthetics is rancid fats. But of course, many soaps now are made from plant oils, notably palm oil, which presents a very large environmental concern due to the huge footprint of palm plantations in environmentally sensitive locales.

Dave McNeely
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