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Posted by Dennis H 
June 07, 2020 01:26PM
Had an aunt and uncle and their family who lived on the southwest corner of Ravinia
and Jefferson.
Always wondered what that area looked like back in the first decades
of the 1900s when the NTT Co. interurban ran.

I asked Johnnie Myers who authored a book on the Texas Electric Ry. He pointed to page 147
in his book. What a bucolic, twisted section of track it once was!

By the way, a bit of somewhat recent news about the interurban trestle near Cockrell Hill:
Re: Ravinia
June 07, 2020 01:44PM
Dennis, thanks for the mention of the Ravinia-Jefferson area. In my youth, I always thought this was a nice neighborhood, and wondered about some of the large houses located there.

Regarding the trestle NW of Cockrell Hill, the _oakcliff.advocatemag.com_ article, with its erroneous reference to the trestle as the "Mountain Creek Bridge," was discussed and the error source found four years ago:


A search of the archives using the "advanced" feature should turn up quite a few other references to the trestle.


Dave McNeely
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