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Cowboy Bob - female bank robber - suicide by cop

Posted by Frank 
Cowboy Bob - female bank robber - suicide by cop
May 17, 2020 07:36PM
It never ceases to amaze me what things can be found on YouTube.
This girl/woman was someone I knew many years ago.
I knew the story was recounted on YT and had commented on the video.
And now I see there's a song about her. (not much of a song)
It's possible that if you went to school in Grand Prairie, you might have known
Peggy Jo Tallas. In the mid 1960s she and her best friend would hang out
with some of us from Oak Cliff, at the Red Lion apts down close to
Wee St Andrews.


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Re: Cowboy Bob - female bank robber - suicide by cop
June 05, 2020 05:19PM
Wow, was living in Texas when this woman was robbing Dallas banks, and in Oklahoma when she was killed, but never heard about her. Just clueless I guess. Quite a tale.

So far as the song, I could not really understand the lyrics. But the tune, well, you were generous when you said, "... not a very good song." The group chose a fitting name for itself, "The Moaners." I wonder if the songwriter knew her beyond reputation?

Dave McNeely
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