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_Murder in Deep Ellum_

_Murder in Deep Ellum_
April 02, 2019 12:36PM
I have just finished reading the novel by the above title, written by Brick Jordon, a Dallas resident and former radio broadcaster. The book is not really well written, but tells an interesting and intriguing story. I have read reviews elsewhere that claim it is based on an actual incident involving corruption related to construction of infrastructure for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition, but can find no actual information about that, or even any information about such corruption having occurred. The text takes a rather cynical position regarding politicians, big business, and police officers on the take -- suggesting that the events and behaviors portrayed might be typical. At the same time, it portrays other such entities as almost heroic in their dedication and high ethical and moral standards. It probably also gives too much credit to the thought that there were enough members of the Dallas police force and local political actors who were sufficiently enlightened and dedicated to overcome the bigotry of others and protect an innocent African American caught up and charged with the murder the title references.

Does anyone know any more than I do concerning the veracity of the claims I've encountered regarding the factual basis of the book? Nothing in the "Introduction" or any of the jacket or promotional material suggests any such basis, but the "Introduction" does paint a rather accurate and colorful picture of Dallas and Deep Ellum of the time depicted (early thirties). This continues throughout the book.

The book was an interesting read for me, just for the references to local historical (and legendary in some cases) persons and events, and descriptions of local landmarks and businesses especially in downtown, Deep Ellum, East Dallas, Little Mexico, Oak Cliff, and Scyene.

added in edit: I forgot to mention that a character in the book is a policeman (one of the heroic rather than crooked types) whose name is "Ted Hinton." He is a Dallas city policeman, not a deputy as was the Ted Hinton who was in the party that ambushed Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.

Dave McNeely

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