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September 10, 2018 05:17PM
The Cantu brothers were Kimball H.S. students in the early 1960s, one of them in my graduating class of 1963. In the late sixties the family opened a TexMex restaurant in far north Dallas, on Forest Lane iirc. The food was quite good, but the place didn't last for some reason. Do others remember the place and the family? Does anyone know whatever became of them? I've never known one of them to attend a Kimball class reunion.

Added in edit: I know that more than one Cantu brother attended JFK, and I THOUGHT that one, perhaps Fred, was in my 1963 class. But, Fred is shown in the senior pictures in the 1962 _Excalibur_, and there are no Cantus in any other editions. Fred was quite an athlete, as I remember. But at any rate, please help out my old memory if you can, and if you have further information about the fate of these fine people, please speak up.

Another edit: Ahh.... . It was Richard Cantu who was in the 1963 class. The two brothers resembled one another, and both played several sports, excelling at baseball as I recall. But I don't find a photo of Richard in the 1963 _Excalibur_. I've now learned that several other family members, siblings perhaps or even the children of both Richard and Fred, attended Kimball over the years, at least into the eighties.

Dave McNeely

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Re: Cantu's
September 10, 2018 06:48PM
Frankie Cantu was a classmate at Roger Mills in the 7th grade and would have to gone to Boude Storey which was a feeder for Kimball when it opened. He would have been class of 63.

Recall he was a good athlete but little else. We moved so I went to Greiner then out of Dallas before I entered highschool.
Re: Cantu's
September 12, 2018 08:08AM
Ritchie Cantu JFK 63.
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