Joe T Garcia's
September 10, 2018 05:13PM
Joe T Garcia's was (is?) a Tex-Mex restaurant in North Fort Worth (on North Main, IIRC). It has a fabled history, and the old house it was in seemed almost ready to fall over. In the 1980s it opened a version in Addison (on Belt Line Road). The old one in Fort Worth was much, much more to my liking, and I frequented it whenever I could back in the sixties, early seventies, but the Addison location was ok, too.

So, my paranthetical question above: Is it still in business in Fort Worth? In the old days, they just served a meal, there was no menu, you got what they served. The tab was tallied by counting the number of drink bottles (beer, pop) on the table when the patrons indicated they were ready to leave. However, when I last ate there, some 20 years ago, they had a regular menu, and one ordered any one of a number of different meals. The food was not as good as I remembered, either.

Dave McNeely
Re: Joe T Garcia's
September 10, 2018 06:58PM
Only ate there once on North Main, probably in the 1990s. Was not impressed. Basic fare, not many options, and average food.

We had a large table on the patio for a birthday party. I do recall the ante room for the restrooms was where they kept the open pitchers of tea and water and the silverware and napkins and lots of flies.
Re: Joe T Garcia's
September 11, 2018 06:19AM
Ate there a few times in the 70's. Loved the food and the atmosphere. IIRC, you had to walk through part of the kitchen to get to the dining area.
Re: Joe T Garcia's
September 11, 2018 08:05AM
Joe T's is still at the same location in Ft. Worth and still the same menu with the same three items to choose from. An iconic place but just not my cup of "T".
Re: Joe T Garcia's
September 12, 2018 08:07PM
yup still in existence

here is their main webpage

and here is their menu, looks like more than 3 things
Re: Joe T Garcia's
September 17, 2018 08:06PM
Don't you often find that 20 years later the food is not as good as you remember it?

Before there were many mexican restaurants in northern oklahoma the was a place called Greek's in Pawhusha. In addition to regular american food they had tamales. One of my friends remembered Greek's fondly so he made it a point to take his children there. When they brought out a plate with 2 tamales and no chips and salsa and no refried beans or spanish rice he wondered why he bothered!

Do you think the hamburgers at Jamies ( I hope I have the name correct, it was in Medallion Center) would taste good today?

Dave Lewis
Re: Joe T Garcia's
September 18, 2018 05:26PM
"Jaimies," and yes, I do think that the burgers, if the same as back in the day, would be good. But, memory is a fallible thing.

Dave McNeely
Re: Joe T Garcia's
October 24, 2018 04:02PM
Pawhuska, OK.,,,is the Osage Indian town and area.
Re: Joe T Garcia's
October 25, 2018 07:35PM
mrchuck Wrote:
> Pawhuska, OK.,,,is the Osage Indian town and area.

True, and how does this relate to Joe T. Garcia's, the Tex-Mex restaurant in Fort Worth?

Dave McNeely
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