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Re: Bubbles Cash?

Posted by TinyBUBBLES 
Re: Bubbles Cash?
June 15, 2018 01:04PM
Hello family/ friends/ & fans of Bubbles Cash,
I'm Bubbles Cash's daughter Keiley Mynk
and I am here to tell ya there is a
Face-Book group that I host and
You will find out a whole lot more
information about Bubbles Cash
and see photographs that have never been published anywhere
plus articles / stories and merchandise, that You'll never find anywhere else
My Mother is 72 years old now but, that doesn't stop her from
answering questions or commenting because
it's just the way of life to her so, if anyone would "Like"
to contact her, please do it through the group
it's easier on me, (I'm 54)
She always says to send her love and well wishes to everybody
every time I go to her with a question from a member
Thank You for being beautiful
Sign, Keiley
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