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Jim Wheat's Site

Posted by Susan 
Jim Wheat's Site
January 10, 2018 06:51PM
Is Jim Wheat's website no longer available? I got a new computer and I was going to bookmark the site, but it doesn't seem to be available.
Re: Jim Wheat's Site
January 10, 2018 07:13PM
the site is not available you can find out more here

"RootsWeb is currently unavailable

We have been in the process of improving the site throughout 2017, and as a result of an issue we recently became aware of, we have taken the site offline while we work to resolve it. We take the security of our contributors and our viewers seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but protecting our users’ personal information is our top priority.

Update: January 9, 2018

We have spent the last few weeks reviewing the functionality on RootsWeb and have created a plan to bring many of your contributions back online over the next few months. As we stated before, our first priority is security, and ensuring that every part of RootsWeb meets our stringent security standards. Our next priority is getting you, the users of RootsWeb and its services, access to your content."
Re: Jim Wheat's Site
January 11, 2018 06:50PM
Hard to say if Rootsweb will comeback, especially the late Jim Wheat's site.

I would encourage you to bookmark the following url using the web.archive.org website crawl of Jim Wheat's website:


If one worries about the availability of that website in the future, there are programs and platforms that can download an entire website and all links, trees, parent and offspring pages for offline viewing.

--Ben Sandifer

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Re: Jim Wheat's Site
January 14, 2018 06:40PM
There's also this. The Internet Wayback Machine!

Click on a link in the time line and then click one of the days on the calendar below to see one of the backups. May not be complete but better than nothing.


Re: Jim Wheat's Site
March 24, 2018 03:05AM
Thanks for the links.
Re: Jim Wheat's Site
September 18, 2018 12:17PM
Imagine my surprise when I went to the Dallas County Wiki page on the Family Search website and found a link to Jim Wheat's website. Go to Familysearch.org to find the Wiki page, or just Google Jim Wheat and scroll down until you find the link to Familysearch. I am so happy!

Victoria Snyder Alvey

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