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Jim Lowe as Big Tex

Posted by Mark Ritchie 
Jim Lowe as Big Tex
September 28, 2017 10:00PM
I know about the WRR recordings, but does anyone know of a recording of Jim speaking as Big Tex? I thought I could find one on YouTube, but no luck. He was the true sound of Big Tex!
Re: Jim Lowe as Big Tex
September 29, 2017 09:20AM
There might be something here. i didn't look at each article. The 1968 film was pretty cool though!


Re: Jim Lowe as Big Tex
September 30, 2017 06:59AM
The 1962 movie, State Fair was filmed at the Fairgrounds during the Fair- probably the 1961 Fair.
I'll bet it features Lowe voicing Big Tex.
Re: Jim Lowe as Big Tex
September 30, 2017 12:00PM
Big Tex was in the movie. Jim Lowe? I don't know. Probably, since the film was made as you said, within the fair grounds during the fair. Now, who were the actors, beyond Pat Boone and Ann Margret (that is right isn't it).

Dave McNeely
Re: Jim Lowe as Big Tex
September 30, 2017 02:41PM
Bobby Daren was the other big star.

Here's a list of the cast:
Re: Jim Lowe as Big Tex
September 30, 2017 02:50PM
I'm not sure it was filmed during the fair. I know that some kids from Dan D. Rogers Elementary were picked for the merry-gp-round scene, because my god-mother's son was in it. Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney were going through a messy divorce at the time and it was a topic of keen interest to be so close to headlines like that.

Victoria Snyder Alvey
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