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Old Highway Maps

Posted by DallasCop2566 
Old Highway Maps
September 02, 2017 06:52PM
I found an Internet Site which provides mostly oil company provided highway and city maps of Texas and especially the Dallas area.

Found them very helpful in locating streets and roadways renamed and relocated. Covers the time periods 1917 through 1973. Below is the link.


I am not completely useless, I can always be used as a bad example.

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Re: Old Highway Maps
September 03, 2017 07:55AM
Love the DFW Freeway site. Refer to it often and the photos are great. Lived in the Camp Wisdom/Polk area in the 50's & 60's. The growth in that area has been amazing. I tend to lurk on this site, but will try to do better . . . and I'm retired now too!
Re: Old Highway Maps
September 03, 2017 01:59PM
The map site is a treasure, and a couple of the maps have helped me better understand some of the arterial connections in Oak Cliff and the area around Love Field.

FWIW, and not related to Dallas, the late thirties -early forties maps have comments associated with them regarding Big Bend. Particularly that the area was served only by "unimproved dirt" roads. Actually, the maps in question depict an "improved road," with the legend defining that as being surfaced with gravel, oyster shell (probably not in that area), or other such material running from Marathon down to the heart of what is now Big Bend National Park (a portion of which was Big Bend State Park at the time). There is even a state highway designation shown on one of the maps, though the comment refers to that road as "unimproved dirt."

Dave McNeely
Re: Old Highway Maps
September 03, 2017 04:00PM
you can also check out SMU's aerial photos from the 30s


Re: Old Highway Maps
October 08, 2017 11:14PM
Here's one you may not have seen. Worth a look at our legacy freeways.
Re: Old Highway Maps
October 09, 2017 02:47PM
dhumpus: Great old pictures! They bring back old memories to this old Oak Cliff boy. There was a roadside sign for gas at 23 cents a gallon. When I was at UNT in the 60s it was 19cents in Ft. Worth and 21cents in Denton. Jim
Re: Old Highway Maps
March 30, 2018 04:18AM
Thanks DC2566, for the link to those old road maps! I've saved that for later review

I just recently regained the ability to post here, so I'm slowly going through the old postings of the last few years to learn new things and find things to which I can reply.
Re: Old Highway Maps
March 31, 2018 02:09AM
Hey Cousin Fred

Good to see you back. I'm mostly a lurker, but check this every other day or so.

Ernie Hurst
Re: Old Highway Maps
April 13, 2018 01:51PM
I'm sure sure I've seen these elsewhere, but the canceled freeways are interesting, too:


And yes, it's good to see Fred back on here.
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