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August 16, 2017 01:21PM
To my knowledge, there has never been a total solar eclipse visible from Dallas in my lifetime of 72 years, though there have been partials. I do remember a partial in the mid sixties, when I was working refueling planes at NAS Dallas and attending UT
Arlington. There was ever so faint a dimming of the sunlight, and I focused the image of it on a white paper using a pin hole in a note card. The crescent of the moon over the sun clearly showed on the paper. I was at work, and so did not have an opportunity to do more.

For this total eclipse, the nearest locations to Dallas will be in Missouri, though I imagine a partial again graces the city.

I now live in Spokane, Washington, and the eclipse will be total in a large swath of the NW. We will be traveling to Oregon to a remote location where we will be ensconced in a National Forest rental cabin, along with some other family and friends. We are hoping for a great show.

Does anyone else have eclipse memories from earlier days in Dallas or environs?

Dave McNeely
Re: eclipse
August 16, 2017 06:25PM
Link to all total solar eclipses even touching "any" of the USA in the past 100 yrs.


Though it has been explained many times, I just can't wrap my brain around the eclipse moving from West to East instead of vice versa.
Re: eclipse
August 16, 2017 10:16PM
First intuition for most is that that is backwards from what it should be, since heavenly bodies "rise" in the east and "set" in the west. However, a lunar day is slightly longer than a solar day, since the moon is moving in orbit to create the rising and setting phenomenon, while the solar day is simply the consequence of the earth rotating on its axis.

Consequently, as both bodies move across the sky, the sun appears to pass the moon. That causes the moons shadow to move from west to east on the earth's surface, though both bodies appear to move from east to west.

Pretty neat, I think.

Dave McNeely
Re: eclipse
August 17, 2017 07:24AM
I can remember a partial one here in Dallas, in the mid to late '70s.
Re: eclipse
August 17, 2017 12:19PM
It will pass directly over our farm in western Kentucky but alas, we now live in Ft. Worth. Have a couple of old skydiving buddies from Dallas that are going to make the drive with their families to the farm and watch it from atop the big hill.

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Re: eclipse
August 18, 2017 07:44PM
There was a solar eclipse visible in Dallas in July, 1991 (the coverage as viewed from Dallas was about 60%).


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Re: eclipse
January 10, 2018 07:58AM

For those who might be around in April 2024.

Dave McNeely
Re: eclipse
January 19, 2018 06:52PM
old man from dallas Wrote:
> [eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov]
> 2024Apr08T.GIF
> For those who might be around in April 2024.

Wow! Good post Dave. Dallas which has not experieced totality in at least 100 years will get 3 minutes 53 seconds totality in 2024. If the phorum is still active I hope the ones who are still "around" will check in for a role call.

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