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Oakland Cemetery

Posted by altozwei 
Oakland Cemetery
April 22, 2017 08:08PM
Went to Oakland a week ago to locate some family graves and, although I found the large standing marker for the family section ( Franklin) I could not, at first, locate any of the graves for the family members buried there. After several minutes, I finally found the corner of a flat plaque protruding from the ground. After several minutes of digging with sticks and fingers, we found my great Uncle George. Several tries later, we located my Aunt Ida. Since we had no tools it was basically hit or miss. Eventually, we found two more markers, also buried up to six inches under the ground. There should be several other family members there but we were unable to locate them with out digging tools. Oddly, all the markers, so far, also appear to be replacements of whatever original stones should have been there. I attended a couple of funerals for family members there, many years ago and all the graves at that time had upright headstones, not the flat ones typically found in modern cemeteries. I have no idea who would have replaced them but the ones there now don't even have all the correct information. Further, we have yet to find the graves of the family members whose services I attended and they should have been the two most recent burials.
After we gave up digging, we drove around for a bit. I was appalled at the lack of care for many sections of this cemetery. Some areas are terribly overgrown. I was even more appalled to find a tomb, toward the back of the cemetery, for someone named J.C. Looper, which is being used as a garbage dump by cemetery workers. Having cemetery workers desecrating a tomb that should be under their care is outrageous.
Re: Oakland Cemetery
April 23, 2017 06:06AM
I recall a newspaper article some years back regarding the deteriorating conditions at Oakland Cemetery and in the article the writer did some research with the Texas Banking Commission who is supposed and I emphasize SUPPOSED to oversee the care and maintenance of the property.

The article disclosed some totally ridiculous amount paid to the overseer for upkeep, but the Commission stated they did not have the manpower to investigate. This brings to mind the years of problems at Southland Cemetery in Grand Prairie which to my knowledge are still ongoing after many complaints.

I will try to locate the article and display it on this topic.

I am not completely useless, I can always be used as a bad example.
Re: Oakland Cemetery
April 24, 2017 06:55PM

I located the article I mentioned, e-mail me at: DallasCop2566@gmail.com and I will send it to you.

I am not completely useless, I can always be used as a bad example.
Re: Oakland Cemetery
May 07, 2018 07:01AM
After I retired, my sister took me, my dau. and two of my grandkids on a tour of where we used to live in West Oak Cliff, then by Sunset HS and down Jefferson to Dallas and by our grandparents' house and corner story used to be. From there, we drove to Oakland Cemetery, where my ggs and greats are buried .

Oakland was now Malcom X and Grand Ave. was now MLK. At 10am on a weekday, there were obvious street walkers and people doing drugs/drinking out of paper bags across from the entrance to the cemetery.

We stopped at the caretaker's building to find the location of the burials. One white guy (only one we'd seen for blocks) and a partially disassembled motorcycle in the middle of the room. He found the records and told us how to get there. He warned us to be watchful of "locals" driving or walking toward us. He said that when he was riding the mower he always carried his holstered pistol.

I had brought along clippers, etc., but it took about 2 hours to uncover the gravestones of about 8 people from all of the weeds and vines.

Oakland Cemetery is where many of the early Dallas leaders are buried; the business entrepreneurs and politicians who helped to build Dallas. The conditions at Oakland Cemetery are shameful.
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