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Gun Barrel City

Gun Barrel City
January 31, 2017 05:57PM
Hey Chuck, How long have you lived in Gun Barrel City? In the nineties, iirc, a female resident there was found to have a history of "losing" husbands, and collecting life insurance money on them. It turned out that she had "lost" them in informal graves in her front yard, where several were found by law enforcement authorities. I don't remember the resolution except that she was tried for murder.

Dave McNeely
Re: Gun Barrel City
February 01, 2017 06:15AM
Betty Beets.
She was executed in 2000.

Re: Gun Barrel City
February 01, 2017 10:14AM
BillB Wrote:
> Betty Beets.
> She was executed in 2000.
> [en.wikipedia.org]

The article does not say. Do you know if the son was ever tried as an accessory? Or did he accept a grant of immunity for testimony?

Dave McNeely
Re: Gun Barrel City
February 03, 2017 08:02AM
Speaking of GBC, a place up the road to the west called 7 Points was a very corrupt municipality. Jim
Re: Gun Barrel City
February 13, 2017 07:55AM
We have "lived" here for 11 years now.
I used to dove hunt in the fields and woods where he Cedar Creek Lake is now.
I was born and raised in Highland Park, HPHS, and 1960 Graduate of Texas A&M.

This Gun Barrel City area has a lot of old trailer house "sub-divisions" in it and many in the Henderson County ares mixed within this area.
A lot of them are falling apart and many lots lay in ruins.They will all be gone probably within 10 years.
NEW trailer and modular home sales lots are on the highway here.
It seems their way of supporting themselves is to hold 3 day garage sales every week.
There are also many super nice Sub-Divisions here with property ownership regulations.
I own a house in one of them,,,Eastwood Island.
Off of Legendary Ave.
Henderson County is Large and Rural and low in population. Athens is the County seat.
Politics is mostly Republican.
Mostly Republican and 100% Texan. A super great City Police and Henderson County Sheriff Deputies here.

Seven Points is one of the towns on the WEST Side of the Lake. Gun BarrelCity is on the EAST side.
We ONLY drive into DALLAS for My Wife's appt's at Baylor Hospital.
We do drive into Mesquite to the TOWN Center for my wife's shopping.
Tyler is closer and safer to shop in, and we do this more often.
US HWY 175 is the freeway we travel on.
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