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remember LouAnn's?

remember LouAnn's?
January 28, 2017 06:30PM
I do, but by the sixties liquor was regular, not kept hidden or contraband as implied in the article. At least my memory is that people took it in like at other "clubs" during the BYOB time. I also seem to remember that by the late sixties, drinks were served there. But that may not be correct. My memory is so good that I come up with things that never happened quite often.


This showed up in a further search for information about the Lakewood Rats. Evidently they were a real bother to LouAnn's.

Dave McNeely
Re: remember LouAnn's?
January 29, 2017 06:11PM
Saw Jimmy Reed there in about 59-60 which would have made me about 16-17 and my date was 9 months younger than that. We were both big Reed fans but we were terribly disappointed because Reed was so ripped his wife had to sit beside him and whisper the song lyrics in his ear.
AFAIK my date never listened to Reed again. For my part I still liked his music but swore to never go to one of his shows again. Lots of underagers there as well as a little dive up the street called The KrisBar Isle. Man, we thought we were so grown!
Re: remember LouAnn's?
January 31, 2017 01:54PM
Lou-Ann's was a great place to dance and have cocktails.
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