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St Elmo Saloon, Dallas

Posted by Kevin Scully 
St Elmo Saloon, Dallas
December 28, 2016 04:41AM
Does anyone have any information on where exactly the 'St Elmo Saloon' was located in Dallas, in about 1873. It was owned by Charles Edward Buckland and Tom Cade from England.

Tom Cade also ran a saloon in 1883 at 311 Main Street. Perhaps 'Tom Cade's Saloon' and the 'St Elmo Saloon' were at the same location.

I'm interested to know where 311 Main Street would have been in relation to Doc Holliday's dental practice, which I believe was on the corner of Main Street and Lamar.


Re: St Elmo Saloon, Dallas
January 02, 2017 01:57PM
The St. Elmo saloon was at 311 Main Street (which was also listed as the residence of both Buckland and Cade). The only listing I found of this saloon was in the 1878 Dallas directory.

In the 1875 directory, Buckland is listed as a "clerk" (no home address) and Cade is a "barkeeper" (living at 412 Main).

There doesn't seem to have been a directory published between 1875 and 1878.

As Buckland is your ancestor (I read your previous post), you might be interested to know that he was mentioned in the Dallas Herald in 1874 as being the assistant secretary in the Dallas chapter of the "Britanic Society of Texas."

As far as Doc Holliday, he seems to have arrived in Dallas in late 1873, setting up shop with a family friend on Elm Street (possibly 611 Elm) until March, 1874. According to Wikipedia, he opened his own office above a bank at the southeast corner of Main and Lamar (600 Main Street), three blocks from what would later become the St. Elmo saloon. It looks like Holliday left Dallas in early 1875 for Denison.

Below, Buckland and Cade info from the 1878-79 Dallas directory, and the "Britanic" mention from the July 26, 1874 Dallas Herald.

(Please save these clippings -- my files will be migrating very soon and these will become dead links!)

Hope this helps!

Re: St Elmo Saloon, Dallas
January 02, 2017 02:14PM
I guess it was closer to two blocks apart. I'm not sure the St. Elmo had opened while Doc Holliday was still in town. This shows the proximity of the two locations, from the 1885 Sanborn map. The blue star is at 311 Main Street, the red star is at 600 Main Street.

(Again, please copy this image if you wish to keep it.)

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