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ZANG BOWL/PROSPERITY BANK + Papillion Bar/Restaurant at Abrams Centre National Bank

Posted by Thooker07 
Thank you for adding me to the forum, I found you all initially by reading the threads about old bowling alleys and skating rinks.

I have been doing contract work for Prosperity Bank at various locations and two were very interesting. First was former Zang Bowl at Kiest where 35 and 67 split. Very obviously a previous bowling alley from the architecture. No trace of anything bowling related left inside... A second floor "break room" appeared that it could have formerly been open to view the ground floor... Men's restroom still has a shower in it. Anyone have memories or pictures?

The Abrams Centre (off 635 access road at Abrams, behind Forest, 15 story building) was formerly Abrams Centre National Bank. After many mergers/buyouts, it has become Prosperity Bank. I can tell you, there are still rooms full of retention files 30+ years old for banks absorbed 3 times over. While the bank originally covered half of the bottom floor, the office space and teller line were halved and the extra space was walled off and leased out as a seperate unrelated unit. However, a drive-thru was added at some point in the 80's.

I found a Fire Marshall's handbook dated 1986 that included a Floorplan detailing a "Papillion Restaurant" and a seperate "Papillion Lounge" across the hall, both on the bottom floor with the bank. I recall older tenants of the building mentioning a bar, and some even claimed it was in the basement. I have made it down to the basement, but given that it is currently packed with HVAC equipment, storage, and tools... It's hard to imagine a working bar down there.

Currently, an old timer runs a barber/salon out of what used to be the "Lounge", and an Asian couple runs a deli/cafeteria where the restaurant used to be. The space that was formerly the other half of the bank remains empty. Does anyone remember Abrams Centre or Papillion? There are still no smoking signs on the doors, rotary phones in desk drawers, and typewriters in use. Not kidding.
I remember a Papillon restaurant that sounded more like a bar/restaurant, but think it was in another building (probably a bank) at LBJ and Preston. This was in the mid 70s. There was an article in the DMN around that time about a dance club that used to meet there to dance the Push. For those who are too young, the Push was popular in the late 50s and early 60s and supposedly invented in Dallas. Someone out there undoubtedly knows more about this.
Re: ZANG BOWL/PROSPERITY BANK + Papillion Bar/Restaurant at Abrams Centre National Bank
September 07, 2016 08:32PM
My grandfather was in the Meth. church league there in the early 60's i think it was. i can still see the place in my mind.
Here is what I know about Papillion Restaurant and the Abrams Centre. In 1976 Papillion was a very elegant, high-style restaurant with tuxedoed waiters and live entertainment. It was located at 7940 N. Central Expressway between Southwestern Blvd. and Carruth Haven. It closed in 1983, and its contents were sold at public auction in June 1983. In November 1983 the Abrams Centre opened. One of its tenants was Papillion Restaurant. I do not know if the owner of the new restaurant was the owner of the one with the same name that closed. When Abrams Centre opened Richard Scott was the executive vice president of Sabrice Corporation, the developer of Abrams Centre.
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