August 09, 2016 01:38PM
Behind Greiner Jr.Hi sitting next to what I think was an old YMCA building or Gymnasium there is a large Stone that says,"Erected A.D. 1915." What was this for?

Re: Greiner
August 09, 2016 03:25PM
The original campus opened in 1915.
Here's a link: []

Re: Greiner
August 09, 2016 08:25PM
Interesting history of Greiner. For a time, though I never attended the school, I lived only three blocks from it.

The history states that the school began several years before 1915, but that the brick building that the senior Oak Cliff residents among us knew as Greiner was designed in that year.

Did Stevie Ray Vaughan attend Greiner? The auditorium bears his name, and the history states that his mother was instrumental in that honor coming about. He attended J.F. Kimball H.S., though he didn't graduate.

Dave McNeely
Re: Greiner
August 09, 2016 09:00PM
According to Walter Schiebel's "Education In Dallas" the school on South Edgefield at West 12th began as a collection of portable buildings named Winnetka Elementary School in 1914. The permanent building was opened in December 1916 after a series of delays, so presumably 1915 was the date construction began.

It changed to a junior high school and was renamed W E Greiner in 1939 and a new Winnetka Elementary School was constructed on S Edgefield at Clarendon..

I attended Greiner Junior High from about 1957-59. My mother had attended the same school when it was Winnetka Elementary School.
Re: Greiner
August 09, 2016 11:53PM
I was there for one year, 1976. I got to escape Greiner the next year, when the DISD moved the 9th grade classes back into the High Schools. I got into Sunset one year earlier than expected, and I was grateful for that...Greiner was full of hoodlums when I was there.

Re: Greiner
August 10, 2016 07:40AM
My dad attended Winnetka at Edgefield and 12th in the 1920s and I attended Winnetka at Clarendon and Edgefield 1949-1950.
Re: Greiner
August 10, 2016 09:47AM
I went to Greiner in 55-56 and there were hoodlums attending there even at that time….knife carrying, cigarette-smoking creeps with ducktail haircuts and steel taps on their shoe heels. Jim
Re: Greiner
August 10, 2016 12:32PM
jgoodman Wrote:
> I went to Greiner in 55-56 and there were hoodlums
> attending there even at that time….knife
> carrying, cigarette-smoking creeps with ducktail
> haircuts and steel taps on their shoe heels. Jim

Starting in 1957 I attended Long Jr. High in East Dallas. Same crowd was there, and in some respects it included me, though I don't consider that I was a creep. I did smoke, and I had the oiled and slick backed hair that was popular among some teens then. I carried a knife, and still do. It was then and is now a useful tool for all kinds of purposes -- not related to delinquency. The steel taps for me, who bought my own shoes out of my own earnings, made the shoe heels last longer.

When I moved across town and attended Kimball, I cleaned up my act by stopping smoking and altered my hair somewhat, though I still used a dressing that gave it an oiled look ("Brilcream, a little dab'l do ya.................. the girls will all pursue you.......... ." A teen's environment makes a lot of difference in how he or she appears to the world.

Dave McNeely
Re: Greiner
August 11, 2016 11:22AM
These weren't "wannabes" they were real creeps in my estimation. 13-15 year olds have a tough time with attitudes, hormones,their role in society and such. Surely they like to "blend in" and look the role of James Dean et al. The ones I'm referring to, unless they matured thereafter, were budding sociopaths. These specimens were disruptive in class, tended to spend a lot of time in the asst. principal's office/detention, were mean-spirited bullies, defied any attempt to be socialized, destructive to property, assaultive, thieves on and on. I dare say, Dave, that you(and me) were wannabes. Those steel taps were hell on linoleum. I could never fashion a good ducktail hairstyle because of my microcephaly. Jim

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Re: Greiner
September 03, 2016 07:30AM
Hopefully there is a plan to do something with that large commemorative stone. It was just laying on the ground about a month ago.

I went to TW Browne about 66-68. Next to Greiner on NW corner of Edgefield and 12th. was an old 7-11. I think it may have been one of the 1st.

There is a plan to erect a memorial to Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn at nearby Kiest Park.
Re: Greiner
September 03, 2016 08:04AM
12 th and Edgefield is the location of the first 7-11 (not in the building there is now)
Re: Greiner
September 03, 2016 08:54AM
The oldest 7-11, the one mentioned here, has been discussed at length on the phorum. Use the advanced search in the archives for probably a hundred or more posts, and links to the history of the enterprise.

Dave McNeely

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Re: Greiner
September 05, 2016 12:19PM
I attended Greiner 1970-1973, in the original building, and when the old 7-11 was still in its original location. Two of my three children attended Greiner as well. I don't know of any middle school that doesn't have a rough group of kids among its attendees. Middle school is just the age where kids brains often turn to tapioca for a few years due to all the hormonal changes. All of the schools I attended always had some thuggish types that were the "problem" kids. It was the same experience for my kids as well, even though all three of my kids attended magnet schools. Greiner had some fantastic teachers when I was there, several of whom were still there when my eldest started school there.
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