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Crime Scene on W. Ricks Circle

Posted by Marilyn Kosanke 
Crime Scene on W. Ricks Circle
May 30, 2016 11:21AM
A thread began on this Phorum about a fire at the Willow Creek Apartments and ended with an inquiry about a crime incident at a residence on W. Ricks Circle in North Dallas. The crime involved the shooting of a police officer. It occurred Wednesday evening, July 28, 1971.

Bennie Valdez lived in quarters behind the house of Earl Fuller at 11345 W. Ricks Circle. The incident began when Bennie Valdez fired two shots at his two brothers and at Earl Fuller. They called the police. Patrolman W. C. Petty and his partner, J. L. Austin, arrived at the house. Valdez fired at the officers. They called for assistance. Within 20 minutes the surrounding neighborhood was swarming with dozens of policemen. A police helicopter hovered overhead. Patrolman Richard M. Smith was one of the officers who arrived at the scene. Valdez shot Smith. Petty and several officers pulled Smith to safety. Other officers searched for the gunman and found him. Valdez shot at the officers. An officer fired at the suspect and hit him. Valdez was formally charged with assault to murder a policeman. If you want more details read the articles published in The Dallas Morning News on July 29 and 30, 1971.
Re: Crime Scene on W. Ricks Circle
May 30, 2016 03:31PM
I think DallasCop2566 and I are reminiscing about the homicide which occurred on East Ricks Circle, not West Ricks Circle.
I did not move into my house on East Ricks until Spring, 1972.
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