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B&B Restaurant

Posted by pjcirone 
B&B Restaurant
May 23, 2016 04:49PM
They had the best strawberry ice box pie. The place is gone know but I believe the old sign is still in place. I think it was located on Northwest Hwy around Abrams Rd.
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 24, 2016 07:32AM
The sign is on Oak Lawn just off Lemon
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 24, 2016 09:20AM
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 24, 2016 10:29AM
Lots of discussion of this place on the phorum. Check it out in the archives. Jack Ruby is said to have taken meals and spent time there. Being open all night, and Dallas having a curfew for places serving alcohol, club types often ended up there for middle of the night nourishment. It was also popular with other night workers like policemen. Yes, the food was good.

Dave McNeely
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 24, 2016 11:08AM
As far as I know this was the one and only B&B location. The restaurants at NWH and Abrams that I remember from the 60's on were Shakey's Pizza on the SE corner and Zuider Zee Seafood across Abrams in Medallion Center. Way back in the early 50's there was what we always called "the play park" where Shakey's later was. It was basically a child-sized midway with pony rides and my idea of paradise as a 4 year old. I assume it was a Caruth family enterprise since that was their land.
I can tell you from being married to a musician that a lot of the after hours business at B&B and elsewhere was musicians waiting for the drunks get off the roads after the bars closed.
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 27, 2016 06:50PM
in the 60s at NTSU I dated Fiathon Lucas's daughter, Joan. They lived on Yamini Dr. in N. Dallas….. Jim
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 27, 2016 08:11PM
In the 30s and 40s, the Lucas family lived across the street from my aunt, on Dickason Avenue in Oak Lawn.
Her address was 3503 Dickason Avenue.
I remember they had one daughter named Virginia and it was Pete Lucas who had the farm in Mesquite.
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 28, 2016 02:36PM
Joan must have been a grand-daughter of the original Lucas. Oddly, Lucas sounds so un-Greek. Jim
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 28, 2016 08:22PM
jgoodman Wrote:
> in the 60s at NTSU I dated Fiathon Lucas's
> daughter, Joan. They lived on Yamini Dr. in N.
> Dallas….. Jim
Jim, I did not mean to contradict you about Joan; it's just that their daughter Virginia is the only one I remember.
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 29, 2016 01:04PM
There were four men in the Lucas family named Faithon Lucas. Faithon Panteli Lucas, Sr. was born in 1888 and died in 1956. He was the Greek immigrant and the man who lived at 3512 Dickason Avenue. Faithon Panteli Lucas, Jr. was born in 1921 and died in 2000. Panteli Faithon Lucas, Sr. was born in 1915 and died in 1986. George Faithon Lucas was born in 1918 and died in 1998.
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 29, 2016 01:35PM
I suppose Joan's dad was George. I'm just guessing. Our relationship was never that serious that I got to know the family. It was later that I connected her with the restaurant. Jim
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 29, 2016 09:29PM
What did the B&B stand for?
Re: B&B Restaurant
May 31, 2016 02:50PM
I do love that old neon sign. So glad they kept it and still use it. Not very many of the classic ones like that left. We had hoped that the Alamo Plaza sign would be saved but to no avail.
Re: B&B Restaurant
June 02, 2016 11:12AM
I was always told that the family farm was in Lucas, in Collin County. I've seen a postcard that looks like it dates from the 40's that shows the farm. Apparently they took the name from the location, then a small farming community. It is now 8 miles off 75 and full of turreted McMansions, corporate execs and larger bits of acreage.
Re: B&B Restaurant
June 10, 2016 10:42AM
The Lucas B and B was the place to go after a good night out dancing and drinking, went there many, many times...late at night and during daytime also..................Jack Ruby's Vegas Club was just a short distance from there so when we went there just about always ended up at the B and B.......Bill Strouse
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