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Dallas Gypsies

Posted by BillB 
Dallas Gypsies
February 25, 2016 01:21PM
Is there a Gypsy community in Dallas?
In Fort Worth they are centered in trailer parks in the White Settlement area.
They make a living with roofing and paving scams. I think the women still do fortune telling scams, although that harder than it used to be.
I know they shoplift in large groups, usually at Walmart.
I've never heard of them being in Dallas, but maybe they are.
Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 25, 2016 04:22PM
I thought the folks who hung out in the White Settlement area and who had a reputation for the sorts of things you mention were those sometimes referred to as "Irish Travelers." Especially, I have heard the paving scams sometimes attributed to "Irish Travelers." Others may know more than I do. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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You have to scroll down quite a bit to get much on the Travelers. The first part is mostly about White Settlement politics, but brings the Travelers in as a part of that, then moves on to discuss them in more depth.

It seems that some folks find them to be criminal and irresponsible in their behavior. Others have a more positive view. I am unwilling to malign folks I do not know, and I have never had any interactions with the "Irish Travelers," or much with members of the Romany. The latter are often called "Gypsies" because they were mistakenly claimed by some to have originated from Egypt. In reality their origins are from India to SE Europe, then on to the rest of the world.

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Dave McNeely

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Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 26, 2016 09:38AM
It seems they were all over the place right after WW2 in O.C My mother hated them. They would steal the clothes off of the the clothesline in the back yard. As for the "Travelers" or "Irish Tinhorns",SW Ft. Worth is their nesting place. They tend to prey on the elderly. The Ft. Worth P.D. has a set of detectives that are experts in Traveler scams and crimes. Jim
Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 26, 2016 10:06AM
I wrote about an incident in Dallas in 1951 involving warring factions of gypsies here: [flashbackdallas.com]

The Handbook of Texas article has a lot of info: [tshaonline.org]
Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 27, 2016 02:47PM
I've been reading up on it, and there does appear to be a sizable community of Romani Gypsies in Dallas.
I can't find out where in Dallas they headquarter.

The Gypsies in Fort Worth are Irish Travellers.

"Gypsy" is an acceptable term for both of these groups and is commonly used for both.
They operate in an almost identical manner.
They have a home base in Winter and the men travel all over the country, stealing, during warm weather.
They both travel in caravans of expensive, new SUVs.
They both do asphalt and roofing scams, mostly.

The women and kids stay home and steal the year round.
Romani women specialize in Fortune Telling and Romance scams. A romance scam is convincing an old rich man they are in love with them and taking their money.

Irish Traveller women and kids usually shoplift. They hit a Walmart or Target in groups of 50 to 100, spread out in the store and steal. The large numbers overwhelm security who can't keep up with them. They are adept at pouring out the doors at the same time and handing off stolen merchandise, like a football, if security tries to approach one of them.

Both groups are into insurance fraud- whiplash scams from staged accidents.

Traditionally, Gypsies shun violence in their scams. That seems to be changing with the newer generations.

Here is something all Gypsy kids grow up learning:

"A Gypsy child is raised being told the tale of the young Gypsy boy who saved the life of Jesus. The tale (with some variation) tells of four nails made to be used in the crucifixion: one each for the hands of Jesus, one for his feet and the fourth, a nail of gold, for his heart. Late at night the Gypsy boy stole the golden nail, so when the crucifixion took place the next day, only three nails remained. God appears to the young Gypsy boy telling the child his act of thievery saved Jesus from having the nail plunged through his heart. In payment for the boy's deed, God allowed the Gypsies the right to steal with no moral consequences ... forever and ever."
Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 27, 2016 03:33PM
BillB, In my mind, reputation or a similar life style does not link disparate groups into one anthropological category. But, I have heard "Gypsy" used to describe anyone who has an unsettled life style. My mother even called her brother a
"Gypsy" because he spent much of his time on the road, as a musician traveling from gig to gig. Application of the term to the Irish Travelers is more a consequence of confusion due to some similarities in life style rather than to any actual connection. They are distinctive in origin, and have no relationship. Romany have a well structured organization with a quasi governmental function. Historical and genetic studies reveal the Travelers to have ancestry in Ireland going back centuries before the Romany reached the British Isles.

At least that is my take on the matter.

Dave McNeely
Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 27, 2016 05:14PM
A few pop up in Old East Dallas (where they blend in lol, like at City Hall). A decade ago we had, as backup, a 1977 Corolla, mostly dilver, some yellow lol. It sat behind an old apartment off Gaston. One day an old man walked up to me, edging the yard around the corner. "You sell car?" he demanded in a Boris Badinov accent. (The car was around the corner, who knew I owned it?
His pregnant wife, some twenty years younger and silent, was pointed at:"she baby! You sell car!" Somehow $400 was arrived at. I filled out a title transfer with odometer reading ("hey, leave empty!"..."No, I already wrote it."..."pah!"
The next day two young men show up, "you drive us to our home". Followed by some muscle, I asked "so, where y'all from?" "Boston!"/"Cleveland!" simultaneously. No incident.
A week later my partner said the old man walked up, "Car no work!" but was sent on his way. Every time we hear a tambourine we jump lol.
Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 29, 2016 02:46PM
A different perspective from that most commonly expressed here:


Dave McNeely
Re: Dallas Gypsies
February 29, 2016 03:17PM
Here's another good article:

Gypsies: Kings of Con
Solid policework will help to knock the crown from the heads of these accomplished crooks.

Re: Dallas Gypsies
April 18, 2016 06:20PM
I disagree with what most of you are saying....You know so little about what you are talking about...I love my freedom and I love to travel, have more education under my belt than 95 percent of you, but spelling is not my better point. I don't steal chickens or talk about poor white trash, so have a good day.

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Re: Dallas Gypsies
April 21, 2016 09:49AM
ageorge, thank you for your post, and for letting us know about your feelings. I infer that you may be a member of the Romani (Romany). Anything about your experiences or knowledge of the "Gypsy" life, especially in Dallas, would be much appreciated by me.

Welcome to the forum.

Dave McNeely
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