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Turney W Leonard

Posted by M C Toyer 
Turney W Leonard
February 15, 2016 11:03AM
I am totally against revisionist history and believe it improper to speculate on decades old decisions and motivations with such obvious prejudice and flimsy evidence as shown by this writer who did not even know the correct name of the school in question, misidentifying it as James B Hood.

Renaming John Bell Hood Middle School

I'm just an old curmudgeon who believes facts are more important than feelings but can see that in todays PC environment I may be headed for the same fate as the dinosaur. Maybe I should just head back to my cave in the woods where I have been the past several weeks. Before I go I would suggest the DISD board, faculty, students, and Morning News editorial board focus more on their homework than rhetoric.

If a name change does come to pass I do agree Turney W Leonard would be a good and logical choice and we can thank our own Roy Hodgens who has lobbied long and hard for recognition for this other true American hero. I just don't hold out much hope for logic.


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Re: Turney W Leonard
February 15, 2016 12:44PM
Maybe the name should be changed, maybe it should not. The decision is one properly left to the Dallas citizenry, but we can opine I suppose. I would rename everything that was named for Confederate "heroes" or officials personally. I consider them to be traitors, who were not prosecuted because it was in the interest of the survival of the country not to do so.

Dave McNeely
Re: Turney W Leonard
February 17, 2016 09:03AM
During the most recent Audubon Society bird count I was given the task of counting birds across some of the lesser known parts of South Dallas that scared some of the older folks from up in North Dallas. We censused the old cemeteries, train tracks and lesser known spots. Grove Hill and Oakland Cemeteries being two of them. Birds love those cemeteries since few ever visit. I sought out Lt Leonard's grave at Grove Hill. He is buried next to his brother, a Dallas Police Officer slain in the line of duty.

Grove Hill is well kept, Oakland is sort of getting grown over again by invasive Chinese Privet

The discussion about changing the name of Hood to something else is an interesting one, given the background that one of the school administrators forced the name change vote upon the children. Having seen so much of how Dallas works as a city the last several years, seems best to lay low and let some of this blow over without drawing attention to oneself.
Re: Turney W Leonard
February 17, 2016 11:04AM
So, an administrator forced the children to vote? Not a good sign.

Perhaps my remark above was intemperate. Of course there are all sorts of complications involved not only with names for public institutions, but with the considerations on the part of those who took part in that great, traumatic conflict, the Civil War. I am sure that many of those whose names we know well as well as those we do not, regardless of which side they adhered to, were tortured by the choices open to them. Regional, state, and national loyalty; family ties; moral questions; and others entered into their decisions I am sure, and my dismissal with my remark was inconsiderate of the decisions they had to make in the times they had to make them.

Please forgive me.

Dave McNeely
Re: Turney W Leonard
February 17, 2016 12:52PM
It was LaTonya Lockhart who pushed for the name change. It did not come from the children. No media outlet can find the children who she says asked for it.

It's politics, made the news cycle briefly and now is fading from folks minds already.
Re: Turney W Leonard
March 24, 2016 01:48AM
Since my first experience with the Dallas Independent School Board of Trustees, I too have no expectations of them naming anything to honor a true hero, a person that gave his life for his country, but expect they will name it for another alcoholic governor or basketball coach nobody ever heard of or such.

When the Dallas City Council renamed Grand Avenue to honor Al Lipscomb and Hatcher Street to honor Elsie Faye Heggins, I realized my endeavor was relentless and hating to say it, "I GIVE UP". I am sure their next street name change will be to honor John Wiley Price.

As far as the grave sites of First Lieutenant Turney White Leonard at Grove Hill Cemetery, First Lieutenant Russell Steindam at Restland Cemetery, Colonel Neel Kearby at Hillcrest Memorial Park, Sergeant Candelario Garcia Jr. and Colonel James L. Stone, both buried at the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, I will continue to visit each and every Memorial Day and Veterans Day as long as I can to see that at a minimum a U.S. Flag and a flag denoting a Medal of Honor Recipient is interred there will be placed. With much thanks, there is a lady in Fort Worth that has taken over this same task in Tarrant County for the Medal of Honor Recipients interred there.

I know we joke about what our country is turning into, but I will never understand how a city can turn it's back on a real hero. There is a City Park in Plano named for Lieutenant Steindam, there is a statue and Historical Marker on the west side of the Arlington Central Library Honoring Colonel Kearby. It appears our neighboring cities have much more regards and respect for a person receiving our nation's highest honor.

I will now step down from the soap box and turn the proceedings back to M.C.
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