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Chalk Hill Trail

Posted by Steve 
Chalk Hill Trail
February 12, 2016 12:20PM
Spotted this today in the Oak Cliff Advocate Magazine . . .

Re: Chalk Hill Trail
February 12, 2016 12:34PM
Yep. I really love it the way it is (in spite of all the dumped garbage and contractor junk) but I've known this was coming for a couple of years now so I just go out and try to document what I can before they start the project. We have picked up a whole bag of RR spikes, dated nails, and other things in the last couple of years. It will be nice when done but I love the rustic feel of it right now. This IS Dallas, however, so I guess I just have to be glad they aren't planning to scrape the whole thing off and make a tollway out of it. I am particularly surprised they haven't gotten more push back from the super secret Dallas National Golf Course but I guess they feel their elaborate security fencing with screening plants will be enough to discourage the riff raft. eye rolling smiley
Re: Chalk Hill Trail
February 13, 2016 06:48AM
Used to walk the portion from Illinois and Cockrell Hill Rd. to the Interurban trestle and back quite often as a kid in the 50s when it was a live railroad track.
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