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Dallas' First Gas Pump/Oriental Oil Co.

Posted by Paula B. 
Dallas' First Gas Pump/Oriental Oil Co.
April 10, 2014 05:03PM
When zooming in on a very large photo of Commerce St. from 1912/13, I inadvertently stumbled across the first gas pump in Dallas (at least I think it was the first). It was curbside, in the 1600 block of Commerce, near Ervay, and it was installed by the Oriental Oil Company in 1911, when horse-drawn buggies and wagons were sharing the streets with autombiles. Since I'd never heard or seen anything like this, I was intrigued and spent a day reading about gas pumps and filling stations and the Oriental Oil Co. (a very early Dallas oil company, est. 1903) -- it was very fun research! I wrote about it here: [bitly.com]. Does anyone know if there is a "proper" photo of this pump anywhere?

Re: Dallas' First Gas Pump/Oriental Oil Co.
October 14, 2020 08:59PM
No one replied to this post by Paula back when it was put up, but the article Paula wrote is very interesting regarding the early history of gasoline vendors in Dallas.

A sign that Paula included in her article lists "gasoline, oil, grease, or soap" as products one could get for early automobiles (" ... cars can get a supply of gasoline, oil, grease or soap."winking smiley

What would early automobiles need soap for? Of course, one can use soap as a detergent in washing a great variety of things, but it seems an oddity to me for a gas station to include soap along with the other products mentioned. Anyone?

And Paula, if you are still around and following the board, thank you for this wonderful article.

Dave McNeely
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