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Goss On Ross

Posted by openpot2 
Goss On Ross
March 05, 2014 05:38PM
My favorite car lot and buddy.
Re: Goss On Ross
March 05, 2014 05:57PM
openpot2 Wrote:
> My favorite car lot and buddy.

Quite a thread on this vendor a couple of years ago.

Dave McNeely
Re: Goss On Ross
March 05, 2014 06:05PM
Trying to find something about Mike.
Re: Goss On Ross
March 05, 2014 08:24PM
openpot2 Wrote:
> Trying to find something about Mike.


long thread about Goss on Ross

Dave McNeely
Re: Goss On Ross
March 06, 2014 07:32AM
Trying to contact Carter to find out about Mike.
Re: Goss On Ross
March 06, 2014 08:08PM
Was this the guy on TV back in the 50s and 60s that showed cars with price tags that had to be pushed before the TV camera and then pushed away? JIM
Re: Goss On Ross
March 07, 2014 04:08AM
jgoodman Wrote:
> Was this the guy on TV back in the 50s and 60s
> that showed cars with price tags that had to be
> pushed before the TV camera and then pushed away?

yes. he pulled a lot of stunts to get attention. guess it worked, he seemed to stay in business.

Dave McNeely
Re: Goss On Ross
March 07, 2014 05:52AM
goss on ross tradin hoss
Re: Goss On Ross
March 07, 2014 06:44AM
Went to with his son, Mike, that's who I'm trying to find out about. He was a very good friend.
Re: Goss On Ross
March 28, 2014 08:48AM
"I want to Sell you a Car", Art Grindle was the auto dealership that had the TV advertising...remember many times they had to push the car thru the line as the TV cameras would pick it up........some of them were smoking very badly........if it had a dented side they always showed the good side.........he was finally run out of town in the late 60's but made millions in Florida after he left Dallas (also in the auto business)......think his dealership was on Buckner Rd..........I always got a kick out of watching him on Saturday on TV...........I remember Goss on Ross, the Trading Hoss well but do not remember any TV commercials he ever did.....Bill Strouse
Re: Goss On Ross
April 09, 2014 06:02AM
I think I bought my first car, a 1941 Black Ford, from Goss on Ross, Tradin Hoss. I bought it is 1950 and paid $500 for it. It had a neat spotlight on the driver's side which was great for seeing street addresses at night! Also Elm street and theater row had 10 movie houses spread out along Elm street and I went to them all! From the East to the West on Elm Street, there were the Majestic, the Melba, the Tower, the Palace, The Rialto, the Capitol, the Telenews, the Queen, the Fox and the Strand This was a teenagers's paradise! I would sometimes take in 4 movies in one day on the weekends which were usually 2 double features. At the Palace In 1945, kids 12 or under paid 12 cents for admission and this included 2 cents for taxes! There was also a wonderful shop specializing in nuts! The nut smell inside was absolutely out of this world! I'll never forget that smell. They had a figure of planters peanuts "Mr Peanut" actually tapping with his cane on the front plate glass window to capture your attention as you walked by the shop. The constant tapping of Mr. Peanut's cane actually cracked the plate glass and the owners of the shop had taped up the cracked part to keep it from cracking further! I also loved the Penny Arcade with their recording booth and coin operated machines! I guess kids have as much fun now as we did in the '40's but I don't see how!
Re: Goss On Ross
April 09, 2014 05:16PM
Oh! I remember the Peanut shop. It was one of my favorite places downtown. We always stopped by to get fresh roasted peanuts. When I was in Memphis a couple of years ago, I spotted a Peanut Shop in the downtown there. i didn't have a chance to stop in but just seeing it it made me feel like I was 4 years old again.
Re: Goss On Ross
December 09, 2014 07:07AM
I'm Mike's son, Carter. I was raised by Gene Goss after my dad died. I remember all the stories y'all talk about. Runs like Earl Campbell, Guaranteed ten yards…..
Re: Goss On Ross
December 09, 2014 09:16AM
Re: Goss On Ross
December 09, 2014 09:19AM
Re: Goss On Ross
December 18, 2014 01:56PM
I bought my first car on Ross Ave. in the 70s from Karlen Motors. It overheated on the way home and I had to stop at my cousin's house in Oak Cliff. It didn't have a fan belt.
Re: Goss On Ross
February 13, 2018 04:50AM
Also next to the peanut shop was a small hot dog place between the Capital and the Rialto. You could get a hot dog for 10cent. We would buy 2 hot dogs and sneak them in the Capital and watch the double feature, I love it when they would have the "The 7 days of Horror"
Re: Goss On Ross
February 25, 2018 04:15AM
My first assignment to Hit and Run, we did a lot of contacts with "We Tote the Note" car lots.

Gene Goss, "The Trading Hoss" and Buster Lyon, "Located on the Corner, but Doing Business on the Square" when contacted would ask, "which car this time?" and I would answer and we would walk towards the office and both would just about tell me everything about the buyer as to where he lived, where he worked, who his kin folks were even before we got inside.

These type lots were VERY bad about not changing titles until the final payment, so most often a vehicle involved in a Hit and Run Accident was registered to some poor person that traded it in as far back as two years and it was wholesaled from the new car dealer to a small time Used Car Operation. The original owner would tell you who they traded it, then you had to contact them and they would provide the name of the Whole Seller, who then had to contacted to find out to which Used Car Lot he sold it to.

I remember I was investigating a fatal Hit and Run and the suspect vehicle was traced to a Used Car Lot on Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. I went, in person and contacted the Lot operator and asked for the buyers information and he more or less told me he did not have time to mess with me and he considered his business records private.

I went directly to the Dallas County Court House and was lucky to find the Foreman of the Grand Jury still there. Explained the situation and he called the District Attorney's Representative to the Grand Jury, Mike Schwille. Mr. Schwillie appeared shortly afterwards and I again explained the situation. Mr. Schwillie went to a computer terminal and entered the lot owner's name and made some comment regarding I know why he won't cooperate.

Mr. Schwille informed me he would issue a Grand Jury Subpoena for the Used Car Lot records and call me after the subpoena was served by the Sheriff and the records produced.

Several days later the Grand Jury Foreman called me and told me the records were available and I could obtain copies at the Grand Jury Room at the Court House. I drove to the Court House and went to the Grand Jury Room and the Bailiff handed me the copies and then asked if I wanted to see something. I told him I did.

We walked out of the Grand Jury Room, walked to the elevators and went to the basement Offices of the Sheriff. He walked me through several winding hallways into a large room. Inside there were numerous boxes and large manila envelopes stacked on the floor. The Bailiff advised me these were the Business Records of the Car Lot from the day he applied for a "Doing Business As" Assumed Name Permit in 1953. He told me the Lot Owner took three days over the weekend and Monday to produce and deliver all the records.

I called Mr. Schwille and thanked him and his comment, "I bet he cooperates next time."

Located the vehicle and of course the owner/driver had fled to Mexico. Filed on him for Involuntary Manslaughter and Failure To Stop and Render Aid.

About four years later he was apprehended in San Antonio and guess what, for another Hit and Run Accident and Driving While Intoxicated.

He was returned to Dallas County and I guess he plead out, as I never was called to Court to testify in the case. Probably just deported, to Mexico to return two days later.

I am not completely useless, I can always be used as a bad example.
Re: Goss On Ross
February 27, 2018 06:13PM
Sometimes our: jobs are just damned thankless. Thankfully I'm retired and don't regret a second of it.
Re: Goss On Ross
March 02, 2018 10:49PM
From Ray Wylie Hubbard's song "Mother Blue's":

I drove my daddy's car down
to Ross Avenue and I sold it

I guess I should have told him
He eluded (sic) to the police someone stole it


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