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Jonnie Bell

Posted by BillB 
Jonnie Bell
January 25, 2013 08:55PM
Jonnie Bell was in Fort Worth, but she had a lot of Dallas customers, so maybe this fits in with this board.

Jonnie Bell was an old crippled Black lady who did psychic readings during the '50s and '60s. She was a bedridden invalid. Her niece was in the front room booking appointments and leading clients into Jonnie's bedroom.

She wouldn't do readings for men because she didn't think it was proper for them to be in her bedroom.

She was supposedly so good, that she had society ladies coming in from all over Texas and Oklahoma to see her.

She had quite a reputation around Fort Worth. I wonder if anyone here remembers her.
Re: Jonnie Bell
January 27, 2013 07:45AM
One of my aunts frequented what she called fortune tellers. In late summer of 1969 we planned a trip to El Paso to visit relatives and she wanted to leave early. That didn't happen. The morning we were to leave she learned some fortune teller in Fort Worth had an opening late that day so we delayed leaving until after my aunt could have a reading.

The setting and person you describe sound exactly like that experience. After my aunt was finished she told me the woman had a few minutes to talk to me. Since I was 13 I suspect the woman told me what she thought I wanted to hear and referenced some fuure romance that didn't happen. When we got to El Paso we visited one there who confirmed the career goals I already had for myself and those did come to pass.

We never returned to the Fort Worth woman but I have since wondered who she was.
Re: Jonnie Bell
January 27, 2013 08:03AM
I had a girlfriend who went to see her.

She told her once she was going to have a wreck within the month, which she did. It wasn't seriuos.
She also told her to get away from that boy she was with "you ain't no good together". She was right about that, too..LOL
Looking back on it we wouldn't have been any good together.

She only charged something like $10. She could have gotten a lot more. There were women coming from everywhere to see her.
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