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Skillern Drug Stores

Posted by John A 
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 04, 2014 06:28AM
John A.

It's been a long time, Skillerns was a way of life for me through high school and college. After graduation I came back and eventually worked my way up to Distirct Manager. I stayed on with Revco for 3 years after the transistion, I believe I was the only Skillerns DM left at the time...what a brutal takeover process, I do not believe Skillern/Zale or Revco was prepared for the task.
I was offered a Regional position with Revco on the east coast, but I could not "see" the move, I left the drug store retail industry and went into the horticulture industry and still am here.
I never wanted to come back to the drug strores after graduation, but I needed a job and they hired me, so it was a period of humbling, but good for me. Truthfully had Skillerns remained intact, I would have never left, in many ways they were on the cutting edge...with a home town feeling.
It was the best of times and the worst of times......Take care John, you helped me a lot, to grow in my position as DM
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 04, 2014 06:32AM
The store number you are refering to was store number #6033, Joe Doyle was the last store manager...Hope this helps
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 04, 2014 08:59PM
When I was buying my School Supplies Big Shakes were free with 50 cent purchase, Used to buy 50 cents worth at a time to get the most coupons for my money. That was in the early to mid 50's! My first by the hour job at Holiday Inn Texaco on Lovers Lane I made 25 cents an hour, that was 1958 -1960 My little brother worked at the Fountain in the Skillerns at Lovers Lane and Inwood Rd. That was the Skillerns we always shopped. I bought an 25 inch lawn mower with 3 horsepower engine there for $29.95 in the mid 50's and ran the wheels off of it several times while mowing yards back then. Did make a good amount of money for those days with mowing yards, throwing papers both Times Herald and Morning News. As long as you were willing to work there was always something to work at.
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 27, 2014 09:49PM
My mom Margaret aunt Wanda and grand mother della worked at skillerns
At Knox and McKinney. In the soda fountain. Margaret stayed through all the mergersincluding CVS. Different stores St various times. Now at frankford and Tollway
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 29, 2014 08:36AM
The drug store at Hampton and Ft Worth Ave. with the curved glass was called Hatley's Pharmacy on the southwest corner. That was the Steven's Park Shopping Center. I remember going there in the early 70's and getting 2 hamburger's for a dollar at the soda shop.

There was also a Skillern's on the northwest corner behind a Texaco gas station. I remember going there as a kid on Sunday during the blue laws and they would have the toy isle blocked off. I had also bought some records from that Skillern's it was Beach Boy's and Beatles. I tried to sell the Beatles record at one point to a collector and it turned out to be a counterfeit.

Thanks for bringing back some memories!

Sunset 79
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 19, 2015 07:24PM

It was nice to see your e-mail and learn of your career following Skillern and Revco. I believe that most of the stores eventually ended up in the CVS purchase. I returned to college following Revco, earned a couple of degrees and spent my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I very much enjoyed both careers. I retired about 3 years ago and now live here in the DFW area. I am pleased that you also enjoyed your career following Revco. It would be nice if there were an opportunity someday for the remaining former Skillern employees to get together again for a final hello before those remaining have passed on.

As of a year ago, I spoke with another of the former Skillern DMs (his initials are P.C.). I understand that our old Skillern executive (M.R.) and his wife live near Dallas too. However, I have not been able to track him down as of yet.

Best Regards,

Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 19, 2015 07:45PM
Maybe I'm not very observant, but I don't recall ever seeing a Revco. in Dallas. Doesn't mean there aren't any. Jim
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 20, 2015 09:23AM
jgoodman Wrote:
> Maybe I'm not very observant, but I don't recall
> ever seeing a Revco. in Dallas. Doesn't mean there
> aren't any. Jim

Revco was a around for a little while (I remember their jingle, "You need all the Revco you can get"winking smiley. Weren't they bought out by Eckerd Drugs (along with Ward's Drug)?
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
August 20, 2015 09:46AM
It seems like everybody gets bought out by somebody, e.g.: Skaggs, Minyards, Safeway, American Motors and so on…. Jim
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
January 15, 2016 04:45PM
Our family frequented Skillern's Wynnewood for years.

One Valentine Day memory, dad took my brother and me to select a gift for our mother. We bought the biggest heart shaped box of candy, with a huge red bow they had.

When my 7 year old grandson looses a book privilege the request is always the same, "MeMe will you tell me a story about the olden days"? Wynnewood Shopping Center is always in the story telling

Had I known grandchildren would be so much fun, I would have had them first!
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
February 07, 2016 08:39AM
Yes, Revco purchased the Skillern Drug chain. Most of Revco's Texas area stores were later sold to CVS.
Re: Skillern Drug Stores
February 18, 2016 05:18PM
Ahhhhhhh, Skillern's in the Highland Park Shopping Center. Grew up going in there with my Mother to the lunch counter.
I was about 4 when I kicked a football from the toy aisle up and over many feet and landed at the lunch counter, knocking over food and drinks.
10 years later, I started working at the Chape Chapin Gas Station in the Center, On Preston.
Mmmmmm memories are flowing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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