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Demitri Vail

Posted by Dr. William Gorman 
Re: Demitri Vail
August 20, 2005 08:56AM
Actually, my father, Earl Humphreys, was painted by Mr. Vail in the 60's. I remember my father telling me that after he would close his nightclub (Earls' Club)after midnight or so, he would go over to Dimitri's where he would sit for hours for his portrait. There were numerous sittings. Whether this was due to precise attention to detail or the enjoyment and entertainment of engaging conversation, I do not know. However. the portrait is a dead-ringer
for my Dad at that time. Years later, Dimitri gave it to my father and it hangs in my brother's home in Chicago.
Re: owner of portrait
September 16, 2005 05:52PM
Hi I have a large scale rendering of JFK dated and signed 1964 I was hoping to find some info about this. I was told it was an original but can't say for sure. Is there a market for it? and if so does anyone know a value? thanks
Dmitri Vail
September 19, 2005 02:20PM
I came across this posting while doing research to accession two photographs found in a file labeled "Dmitri Vail" Each photograph is of a painting by Vail and he is in the photo. One is of Lehman Engel a composer, arranger and musical director for musicals in the 1950s and 1960s and is dated 1958 the other I'm not sure about and think it might be Peter Wolf, the set designer for the Music Hall. It shows a man drawing what appear to be set designs, but I'm not sure since I didn't meet Mr. Wolf before he died earlier this year. These are part of the Archival collections of the State Fair of Texas and were probalby taken for the PR Department when the State Fair of Texas also ran the Music Hall. Thank you all for posting information on Mr. Vail that helps me understand the importance of the photographs here.
Dmitri Vail
February 11, 2006 01:18PM
I knew Dmitri for several years but didn't see him for several years before he died. I live in Dallas and have seen many of the portraits mentioned on this website. I think that Dmitri's work deserves more recognition and I would be interested in helping with a showing in Dallas of his portraits. Please keep me on any EMail correspondence that would go on regarding Dmitri. Thank you. Dale P. Johnson dpj@webtv.net
Tel 214-360-1877 daytime 214-526-5511 evenings
Re: Demitri Vail
January 06, 2007 06:37PM
Though not exactly in line with the rest of the postings, here's a curious story I read recently in a book about the Cowboys; evidently an eclectric trio of drinking buddies, Don Meredith, Willie Nelson, and Dimitri Vail used to hit the bars together often during the early sixties. That makes all three of them more interesting, in my opinion.
Re: Demitri Vail
January 06, 2007 09:20PM
Dimitri Vail. "The painter of the stars" Started his painting carrer on the streets of downtown Dallas drawing scetches of people walking by and selling the for fifty cents. I worked at Holiday Inn Central when he had a table reserved in the resturant. While empolyed there I had coffee with Mr Vail and Tony Bennet. Mr Vail was painting his portrate at the time. I was the guy that got to keep the light on in the small gallery he had there. He was a good man.
dave mcneely
Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 08:38AM
".... I recall the old Hyatt at Keist and HW67 in Oak CLiff.... ."
Only in a city like Dallas could a building built in the 1960s be called "old."
Dave Mc
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 09:46AM
Dave, I know you no longer live in the area, but is that now a dorm for the Christ For The Nations school?
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 09:49AM
It's been a dorm for years John, but it declined in many ways, year by year.
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 09:54AM
Was it the Hyatt? I stayed there once for a convention even though I lived in Dallas at the time. Was thinking it was a Hilton or something, Not a Hyatt.
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 09:59AM
I had a cousin who attended CFN in the mid 1990's. I think she said that at that time, it was a dorm for all the single males or for the families. All the single women stayed in a majority of the old apartments surrounding the complex.
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 10:01AM
I think it may have been a Hilton. My parents use to collect old matchbook of Dallas hotels, cafes, etc. They have one of that hotel, and it was a Hilton. My parents also have a collection of match books from Austin's BBQ. I find that collection odd, because they do not smoke. Anyway, people think my collection of mansion blue prints is odd as well.
dave mcneely
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 11:06AM
It was a Sheraton, and another poster made this correction earlier.
dave mcneely
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 11:09AM
Ok, a Hilton. I just remember the building, and the fact that I thought it odd at the time for a hotel of that nature to be put up in that place. I guess the point was to try to get corporate business from folks who would use Red Bird Airport for charter and company owned plane travel. Of course, a freeway was fairly new in the area at the time, too.
Was it ever successful as a hotel?
Re: Hyatt in Oak Cliff
January 07, 2007 11:12AM
No, it wasn't. It's been a dorm for at least 60-70% of it's life.
Re: Dimitri Vail
October 02, 2007 08:07AM
My friend has aquired 4 paintings by Dimitri.1 Tony Bennet,1 Robert Goulet, 1 Judge Sarah T. Hughes & 1 unknown woman ( unknown to us). I am tring to determine the value of these works.
Re: Demitri Vail
October 04, 2007 10:26AM
Tony what year was that? We have the Tony Bennett.
Re: Dimitri Vail
October 04, 2007 10:44AM
well I messed up. My friend dosn't have the unknown lady. He has Sebastian Cabot, as well as Tony Bennet, Robert Goulet & Judge Sarah T Hughes.
Re: Dmitri Vail
February 19, 2008 09:31PM
I went to an estate sale and bought several things, inside of a folder there were some pages of magazines about art and a pamphlet of Dmitri Vail art about a Mexican singer Tito Guizar, with a signature of Tito Guizar on front page each also shows Dmitri and Tito shaken hands with Tito's life size portrait on the background and a dedication with signature on the back to [
Re: Demitri Vail
March 01, 2008 07:17PM
My mother took painting from him in then 1970's and was his first student since he told her he had never taught before. To teach her, he painted over a painting she was doing and the difference was amazing. She signed it, but having seen the before and after, he probably should have,
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