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goss on ross

Posted by rojinks 
goss on ross
June 04, 2010 02:14PM
to whoever, gabby hall was the best junk yard in dallas in the fifties kept my ol wrecks running ,goss on ross had cars that get you to work on time get you to work late, also get you fired for not getting there he was a real character, the first amphicar dealership was on ross at the expressway it seems like snuffy smith was on ross around pearl with those studebaker hawks ray woods had a kaiser frazer dealership on ross in the late forties

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Re: goss on ross
July 17, 2010 07:21PM
Goss on Ross: Tradin' Hoss!
Re: goss on ross
July 18, 2010 12:25AM
...mayor of Ross!
Re: goss on ross
December 07, 2010 07:56AM
My grandfather was Gene Goss, The Mayor of Ross Ave. I was raised by Gene after my father's death in 1976. I find it very interesting that people are still talking about Goss on Ross 30 years later. Get to work slow cars $49.50/week, Get to work late cars $39.50/week, Free set of jumper cables with every car. I didn't say they were good, I said they beat walking. Just a few slogans. Thanks y'all. Carter Goss
Re: goss on ross
December 08, 2010 05:59AM
Carter, Gene kept lots of people entertained with his slogans and antics. He was quite a character and characters are the people you always remember and miss the most when they are gone.
Re: goss on ross
December 08, 2010 12:30PM
I have no idea if it is true, but in my teens I heard a story Mr. Goss once test drove a car in reverse, driving with the traffic on Central Expressway. Considering the average speed of travel on Central around Ross back then, it seemed plausible.
Re: goss on ross
December 09, 2010 11:07AM
I wonder where the bucking horse (metal or fiberglass?) might be that decorated the lot in the '70's? Leslie
Re: goss on ross
December 11, 2010 11:32PM
Racehoss, Was Gene related to Tiny Goss, the outstanding Lineman from Sunset HS, SMU and Professional Football......Thanks....Bill Strouse
Re: goss on ross
April 15, 2011 07:51AM
We sold that old horse years ago. I think it actually went into a fancy restaurant somewhere. People tried to buy that thing for many years.
Re: goss on ross
April 15, 2011 07:54AM
Nope. Been asked that about 1000 times. I'm sure they knew each other but not related. My grandfather knew EVERYONE in Dallas. I once called him out on it and we pulled up to the corner of some major street in the middle of the day and I said, "prove to me you know that guy standing right there waiting to cross the street" he said ok. We drove right next to him and the guy goes. Hey Goss what's going on with you. Crazy. I lost my allowance for the week.
Re: goss on ross
June 01, 2011 12:03PM
there must not have been a quiet moment at the goss house what fun you must have had around mr goss

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Re: goss on ross
June 01, 2011 06:31PM
There was even a Ross Construction Co. on Fitzugh Ave.
David Ross was his son. Went to Armstrong Elementary School with him.
Re: goss on ross
May 20, 2012 06:08PM
I am interested in finding out more information on Gene Goss if you would be willing to share. I found out a several years ago that he is my great-grandfather.

I was able to find Randy Joe and my grandmother was in contact with him before he passed a couple of years ago. My e-mail address is kristinsatcher@gmail.com. Thank you.
Re: goss on ross
June 03, 2012 06:57PM
The Goss family represents a really interesting & colorful story....... Probably enough material for a good movie... If anyone is still following this forum, I'm trying to find a particular salesman that worked for Goss on Ross from 40s into 60s. Does anyone have a list of the long serving salesmen during that period at Goss? I promise I'm not trying to return a car... :smiling smiley

Thanks.... Jerry Martin
Re: goss on ross
June 07, 2012 08:10PM
My maternal grandfather, Joe Luther Sr., was a friend of Gene Goss. Joe took me down to Gene's car lot once and introduced me to him. Gene showed me the overstuffed chair that he had installed metal electrodes in, which were attached by wires to a buzzer under his desk. As I recall Gene describing it, he used to make sure that certain of his customers found shockingly low prices on cars.
Re: goss on ross
August 11, 2012 11:02PM
Goss on Ross...Tradin' Hoss!!!
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