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Old Vickery - Park Lane and Greenville

Posted by Joel Parks 
Re: Old Vickery - Park Lane and Greenville
January 18, 2015 12:00AM
In 1958 the motor scooter license was on the same form as a regular drivers' license but was marked category C (commercial). On the rear a red inked rubber stamp was applied with the words,"Motorcycle Only - Not to Exceed 5 Brake Horsepower." The license was a very lightweight pasteboard and could survive sweat from carrying in my jeans pocket and a few inadvertent cycles in the washing machine but the red ink did not. I drove a small delivery truck short distances after school and in the summer from the time I was 14 and it was never questioned.by my employer or the police. I also "borrowed" the family car a time or two when folks were out.

Don't know if it was required but I took a drivers' education course to get my regular license. In Grapevine it was taught by one of the coaches as an elective class during regular school hours. If I recall you could get a learners' permit at 15-1/2 which was required to take the course then take the test the day you turned 16. The D E car was an early 1950's Chevy sedan with dual controls.

The "hardship" qualification had another application. By the time I was 17 I'd had a couple of accidents and bought a pick-up truck (brand new 61 Chevy) which I claimed as necessary for my employment in order not to have my license suspended. BTW I've never had another accident since.

A bit if irony, I now have to take a drivers' education course in order to get a motorcycle endorsement on my license.


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Re: Old Vickery - Park Lane and Greenville
January 18, 2015 01:50AM
I was a mid termer, so started the 8th grade in January, about the time I turned 14. I don't remember if it was a required class or an elective, but a class that I took was driver education. When I passed this class (at end of school, in early June) I was authorized to get a learner's permit. The learner's permit allowed me to pay for and attend an actual driving class - seems like it was fairly expensive, either in summer school or after school in the fall - maybe not even connected to the Jr. High School. Anyhow, I took & passed this course, took the DPS test and had an unrestricted drivers license before I was 15. Maybe this was different in Houston than in Dallas, but I had several friends that did the same thing. Lots of us were driving legally in the late 8th & 9th grade.
Re: Old Vickery - Park Lane and Greenville
February 24, 2015 08:21AM
Just chiming in on the thread as I have some sketchy memories of Vickery Park area "back when" in the Sixites before it went through the radical changes of the next decades.

My mom had a good friend, Dee (somebody) and her family who lived in a big 2-story stone house & farm off Greenville Rd. (I have tried to locate it via Google but no soap).

Seeing the old house was on acreage its a sure bet its long gone now and turned into a subdivision or Apt. complex, eh?

The home wasnt far off the main road, I recall it was built of stone and the front facade was arches... I think it was just north of the park, we also went the to the pool often with their family.

But mainly she came there to just hang out on weekends and have BBQ's and ride the horses. This was the location of the first time I rode a horse (well, pony) alone and also the first time I was bucked off a horse! One second you are sitting on his back and the next you are looking at the sky in mid air and the next you go WHOMP! and hit the ground and get the breath knocked out of you - assuming you retain consicousness you also get to hear the whoops of laughter as everyone but yourself is enjoying it immensely. But the BBQ and watermelon makes up for all the hurt feelings and sore rump.

Every kid should have the opportunity to get bucked off a horse. Lucky me.
Re: Old Vickery - Park Lane and Greenville
December 23, 2017 05:11PM
I remember that house well. I grew up just across Greenville Ave. from it. At one point in the 1950’s my older cousin and someone who lived in that house had a fireworks stand on the property around July 4th. It was just north of Vickery Park and had a big “U” shaped drive in the front. I don’t remember the owners name but I will ask my 95 year old mother if she does.
Re: Old Vickery - Park Lane and Greenville
December 26, 2017 07:54AM
I only go into Dallas these days to take my wife to Baylor Hospital for minor breast surgery to replace the expanders to a smaller size.
Then,get on Hwy30 to go to Mesquite for her JoAnn's supplies.
Too many weird people out there for me.
Much safer out here in Gun Barrel City where we don't have race problems to deal with.
Re: Old Vickery - Park Lane and Greenville
December 26, 2017 10:31AM
Chuck, I'd bet that the violent crime data for Henderson County are up there with most of the rest of rural Texas, that is higher than most cities. Dallas, though historically a high crime city, is a generally safe place to be, and interracial problems there seem relatively minor compared to other parts of the country. At least no one has been drug behind a pick up truck for being of a different complexion than the driver, as has happened in East Texas, or buried in their wife's front yard for insurance money.

Constant harping on race seems out of place here, to me.

Dave McNeely
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