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Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle

Posted by Johnny Hood 
Hi, Susan!
Yes, the restaurant was named the Bounty.
If you're able to search on this message board, search for bounty and you'll find many postings about the restaurant.
I can't place it with respect to the Bounty, but there was a drive-in on Tom Field Circle in the '50s called Messina's that produced most excellent hamburgers and french fries.
M C Toyer
Re: Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
December 22, 2007 05:14AM
I believe the drive in restaurant your are thinking of was Carana's Circle Drive-In which opened in 1952. Maurice Carana and his wife had previously operated Flight 21 near Love Field and before that the legendary Chez Maurice in the penthouse atop the Santa Fe Building in downtown Dallas.
Does anyone remember the name of the Drive Inn Restaurant just North (a block or two)of the Circle(on the West side of Street) on Harry Hines, we use to spend many hours at that place. Some really good times......Also spent lots of time at the Old Circle Theatre and Bowled in Central Freight Lines Leage at The Old Circle Bowl.........and of course Shakey's Pizza a block or so South of the Circle on Harry Hines......Use to be lots of places around there.....Bill Strouse
Whoa! Does MC rule or what?
Then there was also Kellers a little farther
north on Harry Hines which is still there.
Greg Jaynes
Re: Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
May 22, 2022 11:11AM
Roundabouts seem to be making a comeback. We have several here in Denton now.
Re: Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
May 23, 2022 10:02AM
Back in the day we called them, as illustrated in the above posts, "traffic circles" rather than roundabouts. I remember the one that was on Ledbetter and Walton Walker (Loop 12) where Duncanville Road connected, and maybe Cockrell Hill Road? Back then (fifties, sixties) it had no development around it, just countryside. I 20 didn't exist, and the mentioned roads were 2 lane country roads. Then the military exchange building was put up. One of my high school class reunions was in the employee's club in that building. In a memoir, the writer Larry McMurtry (_Lonesome Dove_, _The Last Picture Show_, others), perhaps Texas's most well known modern novelist, wrote of how his mother would loop around the Harry Hines circle over and over and over on trips to Dallas from Wichita Falls to entertain his 5 yo self.

There was a restaurant called "The Bounty" at the Harry Hines circle, or very near to it in the sixties. It offered beer by the "yard," a very tall glass that was almost impossible to drink from without spilling the beer.

Yes, circles have made a comeback. Well documented studies show that they are much safer than intersections controlled by traffic lights, despite the complaints posted above. Back in the day iirc they were only used where more than two roads intersected. Now two roads are enough.

Dave McNeely

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Re: Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
May 23, 2022 05:06PM
Wish I had a one hundred dollar bill for every accident I investigated at the Tom Field Traffic Circle (Northwest Highway/Storey Lane/Harry Hines Boulevard) the South Walton Walker Boulevard/West Ledbetter Drive/Cockrell Hill Road Traffic Circle and the Buckner Boulevard/U.S. Highway 80 Traffic Circle.

Very poor engineering and now they are seeing a comeback. Job security for Accident Investigators, Wrecker Operators, Insurance Adjusters and T.V. Lawyers. (The Texas Hammer).
Re: Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
May 23, 2022 06:30PM
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