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Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle

Posted by Johnny Hood 
Johnny Hood
Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
May 28, 2002 07:51PM
My father has talked more than once about how he REALLY hated an old traffic circle at the intersection of Harry Hines & Northwest Hwy. Do any of you know when was the traffic circle eliminated? THANKS in advance!!!
See this earlier posting:
Posted By: Bob Johnston
Date: Monday, 21 May 2001, at 10:19 a.m.
Did anyone else get the irony in the article in the DMN yesterday by Tony Hartzell encouraging the use of "roundabouts" as a solution to traffic problems? Those of us who were around when the Harry Hines Circle was in existance can testify to the problems of "roundabouts"/traffic circles! the state spent millions to get rid of them in the 50's & 60's.
Re: Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
May 28, 2002 11:31PM
Oops. I forgot to check the archive. Thanks.
Send Tony to Waco,
May 29, 2002 02:07AM
They still have their Traffic Circle. Thank god and he Federal Government, it is no longer part of the main traffic stream. Can you imagine what it would be like if all I35 traffic had to go through it?
Re: Send Tony to Waco,
May 29, 2002 03:11AM
I can still recall having "white knuckles" on the steering wheel when I was 14, while going through the H.H. Circle! (Yes, we drove at 14 in the 1940-50s).
Can you imagine the chaos that would occur in the circle today, with the agreement made with Mexico to add all of the unsafe trucks to Texas highways, and the number of streets that intersected with the circle?
An aside: I recall a huge traffic circle in Naples,Italy, where about 6-8 streets intersected. Us swabbies would just put our heads down as the cabbies drove through. There were no lanes and every driver just drove straight for the street where he wanted to exit the circle. It was the equivalent of riding the biggest and baddest coaster you can find today.
I can't believe Waco is still hangin' on to a traffic circle, with all of the potential danger it presents. ........Fred
"I can't believe Waco is still hangin' on to a traffic circle, with all of the potential danger it presents."
Within the past six months there was a news article about how traffic circles are making a comeback.
I never had a problem with Hines are any other traffic circle since if I missed my exit I just continued on around the circle until the exit showed up again.
There were several traffic circles in the Dallas area. They were all DISASTERS as traffic density increased. The one at Harry Hines and NW Hwy. was probably the worst. I believe it was, thankfully removed, in the late sixties.
There was another at Buckner Blvd. and what is now I-30. That was at the old Hwy. 67/80 intersection. Hence, the name of the restaurant, "Circle Grill", which still exists there today. It also was, thankfully removed, around the same time.
There's a circle around the Weatherford Courthouse and I don't know how anyone can get into the courthouse without being run over.........
Re: Send Tony to Waco,
May 29, 2002 08:33AM
The one in Paris, France, that encircles the Arc de Triomphe, is STILL a mess. It is a REAL white knuckler! However, the French take things a lot more in stride when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. When they collide, they just get out of their cars and ensure that they are still drivable, both agree that they are or not, and give each other a friendly wave and go on. Here in America, some drivers would rather that you ravaged their wives than hit their car or truck.
The people of Henderson, Texas, finally got wise and removed their traffic circle at the north end of town. It had about seven highways merging in and out of it, and the natives would HAUL around it while the outlanders tried to dodge them.
John Holmes
Re: Send Tony to Waco,
May 29, 2002 09:25AM
Bob, can you give me the names and number of some of those drivers?
Re: Send Tony to Waco,
May 29, 2002 09:29AM
You can pretty much just pick one . . . they're everywhere.
Anybody been around the one in Addison which was built about 2 years ago? Not that much of a major street but it's still scary to drive around. Ah progress.
Re: Send Tony to Waco,
May 29, 2002 05:07PM
Fred, try driving in Mexico City.
Circles/roundabouts still exist in Nassau in the Bahamas also. Scary thing there is you're doing it backwards (to us) since they drive on the opposite side of the road from the US.
Tell me about it, Bob. I just got back from Nassau last Monday. Best way to avoid their round abouts is to take the water taxis and stay at the Atlantis ;-). 'Course you might drown using the water taxis.
Re: Send Tony to Waco,
June 01, 2002 09:37PM
You don't have to drive to Waco to see a traffic circle. We still have two that I am aware of here in Fort Worth.
The Weatherford Traffic Circle is on the west side of town at the intersection of Hwy 183, Hwy 377 and State Hwy 180 (formerly US Hwy 80). It is a real pain - though for this part of the world, it has a bit of novelty value.
The other one is Bluebonnet Circle which is at the end of University Blvd just south of the TCU area. It is not a particularly high traffic area so it is not so bad.
Some months back, there was serious discussion about actually building a new traffic circle at the intersection of West 7th, University Blvd and Camp Bowie Blvd. Presently, there is a stop light at the intersection that takes forever to get through. The premise behind the traffic circle was that it would increase the flow of traffic.
As to the date the Harry Hines circle was removed, it was sometime in the early to mid 1970s, not the 1960s. I was a kid at the time but I remember because my father used to work not too far from there and we would occasionally go to a restaurant near the circle that he enjoyed going to for lunch during the week.
The key to making traffic circles work is to have drivers YIELD when they're supposed to...maybe that's why they don't work here in Texas!!
I have driven many traffic circles in England and found most fairly convenient. Most drivers yield appropriately.
Peter Kurilecz
Re: Harry Hines/Northwest Hwy Traffic Circle
June 02, 2002 01:17PM
>>The key to making traffic circles work is to have drivers YIELD when they're supposed to...<<
I guess one could call it the "NASCAR-effect" since you are going counter-clockwise in the traffic circle just like at Darlington , Daytona etc while in England the 'roundabouts' are clock-wise
eye rolling smiley
I remember the scramble of that traffic circle - not too cozy!! But can anyone help me recall the name of the restaurant withe drive-in service that was located there? It was next to a ship-shaped restaurant that I think was called The Bounty. Please - anyone?
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